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by spidey
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What kind of fruit are you?
This all started with my husband asking me, "If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit do you think you would be?"

1. Question 1:
 What do you do when you first meet someone?
       say, "Hello."        
       say, "Hiya," and smile sweetly        
       say, “Hi,” and start a friendly conversation.        
       say, “Hi,” wiggle your eyebrows and giggle        
       lick their forehead and/or giggle maniacally        
       raise one eyebrow, place your hand on your hip and say, “Why, hello…”        
2. Question 2:
 What do you like to do in your spare time?
       chat up girls/boys, or go to a party.        
       take a hot bubble bath, get a message or have some quality “me-time.”        
       write greeting cards or silly quizzes.        
       contemplate the theory of relativity while naming your socks.        
       hang out with friends.        
       Watch TV, read a book, you know, whatever.        
3. Question 3:
 What is your ideal date?
       a whirlwind adventure full of surprises and spontaneity.        
       dinner and a movie, nothing too fancy.        
       night-swimming, dancing to quiet romantic music, any intimate setting.        
       a party with lots of other people.        
       dancing at a club.        
       a quiet candlelit dinner or walk on the beach.        
4. Question 4:
 What is your favorite color?
       Any bright or fluorescent color        
5. Question 5:
 What genre do you like to read most?
       Science Fiction and/or Satire        
       Nonfiction subjects like Psychology or Sociology        
       General Fiction, anything will do        
       Mystery/Horror/Adventure – you live vicariously through fiction        
6. Question 6:
 What's your style?
       strange hats, goofy glasses and paint-splattered clothing        
       the latest fashion        
       whatever makes you feel good        
       anything that gets attention        
       a little of each style        
       t-shirt and jeans, whatever is most comfortable        
7. Question 7:
 How many close friends do you have?
       Just one or two close friends.        
       A few close friends, and we're all a little zany!        
       About the normal amount.        
       Just a few, but you're not very close to them.        
       A few friends, and a few "more than friends."        
       Lots of friends, but you're not very close with any of them.        
8. Question 8:
 What is love?
       Love is love. Why try to explain it?        
       Love is a funny thing!        
       Love is best between lots of people        
       Love is a deep, spiritual connection between two souls.        
       Love is grand and beautiful.        
       Love is the strangest thing in the universe – I must have it!        
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