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by Babak
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A small quiz about bats

Well its a quiz about how bats breed, what they eat and what some speices are
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1. Migration and mating season:
 Some bats choose not to mate in winter but in the spring instead. What is the gestation period for a bat?
       30 days        
       60 days        
       80 days        
       100 days        
2. Vampire bats:
 Stories revolve around them and say that they are killers. But the drink blood not eat flesh like their cousins the false vampire bats? What is the probability of a Vampire bat killing its prey?
       high they are ruthless killers        
       commonly they are quite merciful        
       Sometimes they HAVE to kill their prey        
       rarely barely kills at all        
       never kill's anything        
3. Bat types:
 Which bat eats the most bugs per day?
       big brown bat        
       Little brown bat        
       Long eared bat        
       False vampire bat        
4. Humans:
 How is the human race commonly kill big brown bats?
       Using pesticides on insects that they eat        
       Disturbing their roosts        
       killing them , with weapons        
       NO WERE NOT kILLING THEM!!!!        
5. Enemies:
 Which one of these are not predators of bats?
       Bald eagles        
       none of the above are predators        
       All the above are peradators        
6. Parts of a bat:
 The bats wings are just like our fingers except that they have leathery skin attached between and they fly using these wings of theirs. Which of these animals is most similar to the bats skeletal system?
       Beasts ( Live on ground)        
7. biggest bat population:
 Which bat is the most common in North america?
       Big brown bat        
       little brown bat        
       False vampire bat        
       vampire bat        
8. Eating:
 Which one of these do bats NOT eat?
       other bats        
9. Diseases:
 Can bats carry Diseases such as rabies commonly ?
10. False vampire bat:
 Lots of people think the false vampire bat drinks blood, but it eats other animals even other bats. Where do these bats live?
       north america        
       south america        
11. Bats looks:
 Which of these types of bats fit this description? Chocolate brown fur , with no fur on the wings, eats mainly insects, Ususally is born in twins.
       Big brown bat        
       little brown bat        
       Vampire bat        
       Fruit bat        
       Long eared bat        
       A & B        
12. Echo:
 What does echo do for bats?
       Helps them navigate        
       to see better        
       a and b        
       none of the above        
13. Flight:
 How long does it take for a bat to fly out on its own?
       a week        
       2 weeks        
       3 weeks        
       4 weeks        
       more than a month        
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