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An impossible quiz with completely random questions.
If ANYONE can pass this on their first attempt, they deserve some kind of prize. Are they gonna get one? Probably not.

Have fun!
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1. S'ssss:
 Six sick snakes slithered silently by slimy slavers sloshing some simply soothing sips of sasparilla soda. What colors were their shoes?
       Red, Blue and Orange        
       Purple, Green and Nine        
       Color=shoe/soda sips(snake squared)        
       They weren't wearing any        
2. Herpes!:
 XirtAmGod always said that the three best ways to prevent genital herpes were:
       Not have sex        
       If you must, do it with fruit.        
       Fruits have small teeth around the genitalia        
       Which can devour a genital herpe        
       In under two minutes.        
       Wear a stylish hat        
       This question isn't really a question. Just a statement.        
3. Nine nine nine:
 Nine little monkeys had nine green popsicles, each with nine spots of green with nine number nines on them. If the first two monkeys eat their popsicles, how many number nines are left? (This question DOES have a real answer!)
4. Norwegia:
 It is 5 o' clock in New York City. Traveling to Norwegia takes a total of 6 hours, 17 minutes, and 5.881 seconds. Norwegia is located underneath a pair of moldy heaphones. At what time will you arrive in Hawaii?
5. Pen or Pencil?:
 Jimmy is sitting in English class one day, when his teacher throws him a 40 yard pass on the green. Is it a pen or a pencil?
6. Air Conditioning:
 Your friend goes to the local mall to buy you an air conditioner for your Sweet Someteen Birthday Bash. At the checkout counter, he spies a small furry chinchilla. The chinchilla weighs exactly 3.7 lbs, and the air conditioner weighs somewhere around 35. If the chinchilla throws a party on top of the carousel, how long will it take for the air conditioner to get drunk?
       5 minutes        
       20 minutes        
       Air conditioners don't drink        
       5.8715 hours        
7. Longswords and Demigods:
 If a longsword flies through the air at a speed of 2982.135 inches per second, and a Demigod named Bob (clevery disguised as a tangelo) is flying straight at it at a speed of 74.1336 feet per hour, at what time will the eggplants rebel?
       When the cow runs away with the cat's fiddle        
8. 1001011010:
 Hey hey, ho ho, 100110. Hey hey, ho ho, 100110. Hey hey, ho ho, 100110.
       Right on.        
       You make my carrot nod.        
       Flutes are like pipecleaners.        
       Only in space.        
9. Ergans and Flergans:
 If all ergans are flergans, and all flergans are bibbles, are all fish kibbles?
       In the Summer        
10. Crayola:
 One day at the Crayola crayon factory, a small carrot named Jim was walking along the pansy fields. He comes across a large sqaure sphere with straight curvy markings.
       What's the question?        
       Of course!        
       No way!        
11. If AAAALL the raindrops were bubble gum and gumdrops...:
 Oh what a rain it would be. If the raindrops all DID turn into bubble gum and gumdrops exactly 1 inch in diameter, and it rained for exactly 1 minute over an area of 10 square miles, what would the gumdrop to bubblegum ratio be?
12. Book Bindings:
 Seventeen pieces of glow-in-the-dark masking tape are wrapped counter-clockwise around a book. Starting with the first piece, how long will it take you to convert them to Christianity?
       3 years        
       6 years        
       1 day        
       An eternity        
13. Atmospheric Snacks:
 If a train leaves Chicago at 3 pm, going 265.775 feet per minute, traveling up at an angle of 82.6 degrees, at what time will the peanuts leave the atmosphere?
       Whenever they feel like it        
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