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This is to discern just which element you would be.
Here we go. I know you've probably seen a thousand "Which element are you?" quizzes all over the internet. But this one's a little more general. Normally, you'll see 'just for guys' or 'just for girls'. This one is for everybody. It has general questions on your reaction to an event or scenario.

Have fun!!!
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1. A stranger:
 What would do if a stranger asks you for help?
       Help them out, you're a good person.        
       Lie, and say you can't        
       Tell them to back off        
       Beat them up        
2. Family:
 What would you do if someone hurt you're family?
       Calmly attempt to find a solution        
       Chase after the person who hurt them, and turn them into authorities        
       Attack the person with righteous fury        
       Find them and kill them.        
3. School:
 How do react to homework?
       Just do it, you love homework        
       Sigh, but do it anyway        
       Frustration, but eventually do it.        
       Kill the teacher.        
4. Someone you like:
 What do you do when the person you like talks to you?
       You feel like you're on air        
       You feel balanced        
       You feel great passion        
       You feel like you want to kill them        
5. Friends:
 If you're friends were in trouble, how would you assist them?
       You would take the blame        
       You would argue for them        
       You would fight alongside them        
       Screw them, they haven't done anything for you        
6. Rejection:
 How do you react when you are, one way or another, rejected when you ask someone out?
       You're cool with it        
       You feel bad but okay        
       You still can't get them out of your head, and wish something would happen        
       You hurt them        
7. Color:
 What is your favorite color?
8. Animal:
 What is your favorite animal?
       Any birds        
       Lions/tigers/bears(OH my)        
9. Power:
 What would be your favorite power?
10. Which element?:
 So, which element do you think you are?
       Fire/ Lightning        
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