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This quiz might enlighten your you.
A series of questions determine from 1 to 5 just how warm or hot that your heart can get. No wrong answers here. Just simply some fun. I hope that this is encouragement. Not everyone stops to bring a smile to their heart. Do it today and smile all day.................*Heart* *Heart*

*Heart* *Smile* *Heart*

*Blush* *Heart* *Blush*
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1. What Kind of Heart:
 You are coming out of a store and someone approaches you asking for a ride. Just down the street ( block or two) . Their vehicle has just broken down and they haven't got their cell phone with them. * no threat from this person*
       You are running late to an appointment and that would be just past your destination. You give the ride        
       you simply state to the person that you can't.        
       you act as if you didn't hear anything this person has said and get into your car promptly and leave.        
       You are very low on gas and feel that you would if that weren't the case.        
       You offer them your cell phone to contact someone who can come and get them.        
2. What Kind of Heart:
 A close friend calls you that has moved far away. You haven't heard from them much that you remember until today. How do you feel?
       you answer, but you wonder "why are they calling you today"?        
       you answer , In happiness, you both cry and talk all night to catch up.        
       you answer, Your friend is in trouble and they need your help and ask you for money.        
       you answer but explain that you have to go. But that you will call them back later.        
       you answer, Asking why you haven't heard from them in so long. Replied back to you is the same question        
3. What Kind of Heart:
 A neighbor is out in their driveway and looks distressed. You are just getting home and pulling into your driveway from work. What do you do?
       Get out of your vehicle and wave hello to them        
       Get out of your vehicle as if not to notice the neighbor and walk right into your home.        
       Get out of your vehicle and walk to the neighbor letting them know that you noticed some distress and asked if they were ok..        
       Get out of your vehicle take a step or two tward them but only say hello and wave.        
       Get out of your vehicle wave go inside your home, remembering that you had some fresh cookies that you baked and take them to the neighbor.        
4. What Kind of Heart:
 You are at a gathering , friends and aquaintences,and sitting close to your table you notice that a mother is having some difficulty with her young baby. What do you do?
       You stand up and go to another table.        
       You look over to the table and mouth to the mother, asking "Is the baby ok"?        
       you look over to the table muliple times expressing that you are a bit bothered.        
       You go to the table and assist the mother by taking the baby in your arms to help calm him/her        
       You go over to the table ask "Can I get you anything to assist the baby"?        
5. What Kind of Heart:
 You are at work and notice that someone is having some trouble and it is obvious that they need a hand. What do you do?
       You are on a schedule so you walk /drive right past them as if you didn't even see them at all.        
       You are busy yourself, but you do stop, and give them the hand needed without them asking        
       You stop and express that you would help them, but you have lots to do yourself        
       You stop and let them know you see that they need help and get someone to assist them.        
       You look and slow down but continue to walk/drive past them, you give them a look of concern.        
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