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Take this quiz to see if you are really normal
This quiz was designed to see if you are truly a normal person. Whether or not being normal is good is up to you.

(Just in case you're confused, the higher the score you get, the weirder you are.)

100-95 Oh God. Stay away from me. I'm running out of pepper spray.
94-85 I'd call the cops if I saw you in a dark alley.
84-75 You're a creep. Stay out of my house.
74-65 You make me slightly uncomfortable.
64-55 I find it hard not laughing when I look at you. But that doesn't mean I wanna get too close to you.
54-45 You're weird, but it's "good" weird.
44-35 You make me laugh.
34-25 This is the general "normal" range.
24-15 You're becoming the opposite of weird: Boring.
14-5 Come on buddy. Lighten up a bit.
4-0 MY GOD! You're completely boring and unoriginal to the extent that it's scary;
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1. Choose most fitting:
 When you wake up in the morning, you first:
       Shower and get dressed        
       Pat yourself on the back        
       Wave hello to your neighbour        
       Tell your imaginary friend to get out so you can get dressed        
       Pull your cat's tail        
       Make the loudest noises you can to wake up your family        
2. Choose most fitting:
 In order to get to school/work, you:
       Drive yourself/Get a ride        
       Take the city bus        
       Hitch a ride with your neighbours who you don't know very well        
       Ride your dog        
3. Choose most fitting:
 You arrive at school/work:
       Whenever you want        
       An hour late        
       An hour early        
       On time        
       Slitghly Early        
       Never. Hey, I have a life. There's no time for work or school.        
4. Choose most fitting:
 When you first see your friends, you greet them:
       By waving        
       With a hug        
       With an intense kiss        
       By saying "Hello"        
       By grabbing them inappropriately        
       With a smack to the face        
5. Choose most fitting:
 When there is work to do, you:
       Cower under your desk        
       Physically assault anyone who tells you to get to work        
       Get busy. There's work to do.        
       Consider working        
       Take a nap        
       Pick up two. Hey, aren't we playing Crazy Eights?        
6. Choose most fitting:
 Lunch is a time to:
       Eat lunch        
       Plot world domination        
       Do extra work        
       Listen to some Fergie (I'm Fergalicious baby)        
       Socialize with the local squirrel population        
       Talk to yourself        
7. Choose most fitting:
 You leave work/school:
       When your shift is over or the bell rings        
       When all your work is done        
       When the class hamster comes out of cardiac arrest        
       When you decide you want to go home        
       When your boss begins to summon demons bent on destroying the earth        
       When all the blood-sucking chinchillas are dead        
8. Choose most fitting:
 You take work home:
       When it needs doing        
       When an eight-foot-tall terrorist has threatened to kill your mail-order bride        
       When you want something to do in your spare time        
       When your in-laws are over and you need something to get you away from the dinner        
       Only on Halloween night (like hell I'm giving away free candy)        
9. Choose most fitting:
 A perfect evening to you consists of:
       Dinner out at a fancy restaurant        
       Twelve hours of Dungeons and Dragons        
       Partying, drinking, and unprotected sex        
       Dinner in with your ant farm        
       A nice family dinner        
       Getting to bed early for a fresh start to tomorrow        
10. Choose most fitting:
 Your dating relationships are:
       Purely sexual        
       Meaningful and long-lasting        
       There is no plural. You have only ever had one dating relationship which ended in a perfect marriage        
       Exciting and short-lived        
       Dating relationships? What's that? A disease?        
11. Choose most fitting:
 A typical party at your house is:
       Wild, loud, out-of-control, and packed        
       Mellow, yet fun        
       Hours of word games        
       Very classy        
       I wouldn't know. I'm hardly sober        
       I've never been to a party or hosted one        
12. Choose most fitting:
 If you were to have children, a girl would be named:
       Lily B.        
       Bite me        
       Regina (re-GYE-nah)        
       IF I had a girl, it would be killed at birth        
13. Choose most fitting:
 If you were to have children, you would name a boy:
       Hugh Ass        
       If I had a boy, it would be killed at birth        
14. Choose most fitting:
 The perfect pet for you would be:
       A dog        
       A slightly retarded cat        
       A bloodthirsty pig with telekinesis        
       Siamese-twin hamsters        
       A pirahna        
       Pets don't have much of a life expectancy in my house...There's a large pile of corpses in the corner        
15. Choose most fitting:
 If you were confronted by a creepy stranger in a dark, deserted alley, you would:
       Yell out "Holla Balla"        
       Get out your pepperspray        
       Realize that it's you brother        
       Give him/her a hug        
       Break the awkward silence by dancing to the Britney Spears song playing on your iPod        
16. Choose most fitting:
 If you were going to give yourself a nickname, it would be:
       Playa 101        
       Max Imum X Tream        
       A cute nickname that corresponds with your real name        
       Nicknames are silly and immature        
17. Choose most fitting:
 You would rather live:
       In North America        
       In Hawaii        
       In your dog's house        
       Under your bed        
       In an illegal chinchilla ranch        
       With Snoopy        
18. Choose most fitting:
 Before you go to bed, you:
       Change into your Spiderman pijamas        
       Eat a balogna sandwich        
       Kiss your tarantula goodnight        
       Lock your doors        
       Take a tranquilizer        
       Say goodnight to your neighbour who's watching you through the window        
19. Choose most fitting:
 Your dreams mostly consist of:
       Horrible nightmares        
       Hot women/men        
       Weird fears that you didn't know you had        
       I don't dream        
       Hello? Dreams are personal! Duh        
       Too graphic to explain...        
20. Choose most fitting:
 You found this quiz:
       Boring and pointless        
       To be the most fun you've had in weeks        
       SO TOTALLY PRO!!        
       Right on , Man        
       Silly and Immature        
       Meh. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good        
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