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A quiz on the famous superhero
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1. Identity:
 What is Spider-Man's real identity?
       Clark Kent        
       Peter Parker        
       Bruce Wayne        
       Richard Grayson        
2. Love Interests:
 Which one of these girls IS NOT one of Spider-Man's love interests?
       Gwen Stacey        
       Mary-Jane Watson        
       Betty Brant        
       Lois Lane        
3. City:
 Which city does Spider-Man live in?
       New York        
       San Fransisco        
       Washington, D.C        
4. Villains:
 Which one of these IS NOT one of Spider-Man's enemies?
       Green Goblin        
       Lex Luthor        
       Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock)        
5. Mary-Jane Watson:
 Which of these actresses plays Mary-Jane Watson in the Spider-Man films?
       Nicole Kidman        
       Kate Winslet        
       Hilary Duff        
       Kirsten Dunst        
6. Origin:
 How did Spider-Man get his powers?
       He was born with them        
       He was bit by a geneteically mutated "super" spider        
       He accidentally ate a spider        
       He drank a magical potion        
7. Parents/Carers:
 Who parents and looks after Spider-Man?
       Aunt May (Also Uncle Ben but he got murdered)        
       Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon        
       Uncle Richard an Aunt Gladice        
       Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Jack        
8. Symbiote:
 Which villains was created due to a Symbiote implant?
       The Scorpion and The Vulture        
       Venom and Carnage        
       The Green Goblin and The Hobgoblin        
       Mysterio and The Chameleon        
9. Comics:
 What brand of comics published Spider-Man?
       DC Comics        
       Heroes Inc.        
10. Creator:
 Who invented and created the Spider-Man franchise?
       Stan Lee        
       Steven Speilburg        
       Peter Jackson        
       Daniel Elfman        
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