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by Ashley
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Do you think you and your guy friend should be more than friends? If so find out now.
Do you and your guy friend want to more than friends? Just take this quiz to find out.
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1. Action:
 What things do you enjoy doing most?
       Watching TV        
       Snuggling and watching movies        
       Walking on the beach        
       A romantic dinner        
       just being together        
2. Time Period:
 How long have you and your guy been friends?
       less than 6 months        
       less than a year but more than 6 months        
       a year        
       More than 2 years        
3. Talk:
 What do you talk about?
       Each other        
       Random stuff        
       Whatever the other starts talking about        
       Something to impress the other        
4. Results:
 If you scored under 20 You and your guy should just be friends. If you scored under 30 but over 20 You adn your guy should be friends but get to know him better. If you scored under 40 but over 30 you and your guy should consider the posibility. And If you scored over 40 You and Your guys should be dating.
5. Time Period:
 How much do you guys usually hang out together?
       Just at school        
       About 1 time a year        
       About 4 times a year        
       About everyday.. and we hang out        
       About 4 times a month        
       About 1 time a week        
       About 4 times a week        
6. Time Period:
 About how many times do you email, im or talk on the phone with each other?
       we don't        
       we do but not much        
       We talk everyday        
       We are always emailing each other        
       We are always on im or phone together        
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