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A description of an animal will be given, then you have to choose what the animal it is!
Hey there! I'm Steff aged 13 and this is the first thing I've submitted, hope you like it! *Smile*

Okay, basically I will give a brief description of an animal, then you have to select which animal matches the description.. Simple yes?

Some of the questions will be easy, whereas some of them will be more difficult!

-Also, If you think that any of the descriptions, animals etc are wrong then please message me and i'll try and fix it.. *Bigsmile*

So get going! *Smile*

Oh... And I love messages!  *Laugh*

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1. Q. 1:
 Although this sociable creature sometimes hunts hares, mice, rabbits and insects, it prefers to scavenge, it's similar in appearance to a wolf although it's size is smaller. It's tail is often black. It also makes an excellent swimmer!
       It's a Jackal        
       It's a Coyote        
       It's a Fox        
       It's a Dingo        
2. Q. 2:
 This is another creature famous for scavenging - Although it was once believed to be in the dog family, it is now thought to be closely related to cats and civets. It's jaws are 60 times stronger than a humans!
       An Artic Fox        
       A Jaguar        
       A Hyena        
       A Tasmanian Wolf        
3. Q. 3:
 This harmless snake is easily mistaken by it's predators for the deadly Coral Snake. It has black and yellow stripes set on on a vivid red body, very much like it's venomous cousin. It's markings are very difficult to tell apart from the Coral Snake - That's what makes this animal so successful.
       The King Snake        
       The Taipan Snake        
       The Rainbow Boa        
       The Grass Snake        
4. Q. 4:
 Heh.. Easier one now! This intelligent creature is our closest living relative - although it is constantly being hunted, often for it's flesh which is thought to contain medical properties. Some can grow up to be as intelligent as a 10 year old child.
       The Mountain Gorilla        
       The Orangutan        
       The Gibbon        
       The Chimpanzee        
5. Q. 5:
 This is a vicious creature native to Australia. They often hunt together in small groups to take down wallabies and small kangaroos. They have extremely large jaws for their size; and even have their own TV character!
       The Lemon Shark        
       The Tasmanian Devil        
       The Tasmanian Wolf        
       The Snapping Turtle        
6. Q. 6:
 This creature is thought to have the deadliest venom known to humans! - Although it has no way of injecting it.. They live only for 2 days, but in their precious time, they mate. They are very clumsy fliers, and can often been seen resting motionless on windows.
       It's a Cranefly        
       It's a Dragonfly        
       It's a Spider Beetle        
       It's a Ladybird        
7. Q. 7:
 This is the largest of the weasel family - it has powerful jaws and sharp teeth and can be found in most sub-arctic regions.. They have the ability to run at a very fast pace and can even climb trees.
       A Mink        
       A Pine Marten        
       A Wolverine        
       An Arctic Weasel        
8. Q. 8:
 This tiny creature mostly inhabits the Northern Deserts of Africa. It has an almost bat- like appearance with it's huge ears and big eyes. It has thick reddish fur and preys mostly on small rodents and insects - It's a nocturnal hunter which remains in burrows during the day.
       A Jackal        
       A Fennec Fox        
       A Sand Cat        
       A Dhole        
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