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Find out what giant or giantess you'd be!
Giant/ess interactives are so popular here, but there's no giant/ess quiz!  Here is the Giant/ess quiz.  Answer as truthfully as possible, and as soon as you're done you will find out what kind of giant/ess you would be!
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1. Gender:
 Are you a guy or girl?
2. Age:
 How old are you?
3. Growth:
 How would you grow?
       Sexual Intercourse        
4. Location:
 Where would you grow?
       At School        
       At Work        
       In Public        
       At Home        
5. Size:
 How tall would you become?
       7 feet to 35 feet tall        
       35 feet to 60 feet tall        
       60 feet to 100 feet tall        
       100 feet to 350 feet tall        
       350 feet to 2000 feet tall        
       2000 feet to 5280 feet tall        
       5280 feet tall +        
6. Clothing:
 What would happen to your clothes?
       Stretch to fit        
       Stretch, but be really tight        
       Rip slightly        
       Rip in certain joints        
       Be ripped off        
7. Activity:
 What would you do?
       Try to stay hidden        
       Live as normal as possible        
       Protect your city        
       Have fun with little people        
       Rampage your city        
       Rampage your state        
8. Earthquakes:
 With each step, you know the earth is shaking. How badly?
       0.0 to 1.9 Richter Scale (Minor)        
       2.0 to 3.9 Richter Scale (Mild)        
       4.0 to 5.9 Richter Scale (Moderate)        
       6.0 to 7.9 Richter Scale (Large)        
       8.0 to 9.9 Richter Scale (Big One)        
       10 Richter + (Off The Scale)        
9. Quake Duration:
 The ground is shaking. How long will it do so?
       1 to 9 seconds (Normal)        
       10 to 25 seconds (Major)        
       26 to 35 seconds (Large)        
       36 to 60 seconds (Big One)        
       1 minute to 3 minutes (Big One + Aftershocks)        
       4 minutes to 30 minutes (Devastation)        
       31 minutes to 1 hour + (Complete Devastation)        
10. Little People:
 As you are obviously bigger than you were, what happens to the people below?
       You Keep Them Safe        
       You Use Them As Playtoys        
       You Purposely Squash People        
       You Stomp On Anything        
       You Use Them As Sextoys        
11. Friend/Spouse:
 If you had a partner, would you make them grow too?
       Yes, But Not As Tall        
       Yes, The Same Height        
       Yes, But Taller Than Me        
       Not Applicable        
12. Friend/Spouse Sex:
 If you answered No to Question 11, answer Not Applicable. If you answered Yes to Question 11, if you decided to grow your partner, would you have sex?
       Not Applicable        
13. Friend/Spouse Sex Yes:
 If you answered No to Question 12, answer Not Applicable. If you answered Yes to Question 12, where would you have sex?
       Not Applicable        
       Forest/Wooded Area/Mountains/Desert        
       Small Town (Population less than 15,000)        
       Larger Town (Population 15,001 - 100,000)        
       Large City (Population 100,001 - 250,000)        
       Major City (Population 250,001 +)        
14. Duration:
 How long would you remain a giant/giantess?
       Less than 1 hour        
       1 hour to 4 hours        
       4 hours to 12 hours        
       12 hours to 24 hours        
       1 day to 3 days        
       3 days to 1 week        
15. Sex Position:
 If you answered No to Question 12, answer Not Applicable. If you answered Yes to Question 12, how would the two of you do it?
       Guy On Top        
       Girl On Top        
       Doggy Style        
       Sitting Facing Each Other        
       Not Applicable        
16. Other Growth:
 Would you make another part of your body bigger?
       Yes, My Penis (Guys only)        
       Yes, My Butt (Both)        
       Yes, My Boobs (Girls only)        
17. Other Growth - Amount:
 How much bigger would you make the parts?
       Boobs - Doubled to Quadrupled (Girls only)        
       Boobs - Quintupled to Octupled [8 times] (Girls only)        
       Butt - Doubled to Quadrupled (Both)        
       Butt - Quintupled to Octupled [8 times] (Both)        
       Penis - Doubled to Quadrupled (Guys only)        
       Penis - Quintupled to Octupled [8 times] (Guys only)        
       Not Applicable        
18. Orgasms:
 How would you decide to reach climax?
       Masturbate (Both)        
       Smash A Building (Guys only)        
       Use A Vehicle (Girls only)        
       Use A Skyscraper as a Penis (Girls only)        
19. Breast-Quake:
 Women only. Those two big globes on your giantess body are longing to do something more than just jiggle and produce milk. Where would you cause an earthquake with your boobs?
       In The Country/Mountains/Desert/Ocean        
       In A Small City (Population less than 15,000)        
       In A Larger Town (Population 15,001 to 100,000)        
       In A Large City (Population 100,001 to 250,000)        
       In A Major City (Population 250,001 +)        
       Not Applicable (Men)        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
          and you've already taken it once.
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