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How much do you know about the last Unicorn?
This quiz features questions from the story of the last unicorn, how many will you get right? one attempt only. I will give a prize to the first person to get all the answers right.
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1. unicorn:
 where does the unicorn live?
       a rainforest        
       a lilac wood        
       by a sea        
       at an oasis in a desert        
       none of the above        
2. The carnival:
 What was the name of the carnival where the unicorn was detained?
       The midnight freakshow        
       creatures of the night        
       Mummy Fortuna's midnight carnival        
       Come waiste a peny here        
       none of the above        
3. keeping buisy:
 what does Schmendrick ask Ruhk to keep him occupied for a week?
       a riddle        
       a joke        
       tells him a fact        
4. Request:
 Who does the unicorn ask Mummy Fortuna to free?
       herself and the harpy Celeno        
       herself and the harpy Dalyia        
       herself and Schmendrick        
       no one        
5. Aftermath:
 What is heard after the carnival is destroyed?
       Ruhk's yelling        
       the harpy's scream        
       the spider crying        
       none of the above        
6. Bandints:
 Who wants to kill Schmendrick in captain Cully's group?
       Molly Grue        
       Captain Cully        
       Jack Jiggly        
       the minstral        
       no one        
7. Identity:
 who does Captain Cully think Schmendrick is?
       a unicorn trainer        
       Peter S. Beagle        
       Mr. Childs        
       Prince Lir        
8. Location:
 Where do they stop before they go to Haggard's castle?
       where the bull attacks them        
       no where        
       none of the above        
9. Curse:
 complete the line, "yet only one of Hasgate's town...
       "Will bring the castle crashing down"        
       "Can destroy the kings evil rein"        
       "Will cause even fish to drown"        
       none of the above        
10. Followed:
 When leaving Hasgate, how were they caught?
       Schmendrick's gold started singing        
       Molly sneezed        
       the unicorn didn't hide        
       they weren't caught        
11. Words:
 What is the first thing the unicorn says when she is human?
       "What have you done to me?"        
       "This isn't my body."        
       "Where is the red bull?"        
12. Names:
 What does Schmendrick say the unicorn's name is when she is in the form of a woman?
       Molly Grue        
       Lady Amalthea        
       none of the above        
13. Oposition:
 Who tries to get them kicked out?
       Prince Lir        
       King Haggard        
       none of the above        
14. Entertainment:
 What does Haggard have Schmendrick juggle?
       Tea cups        
       Tea cups with tea in them        
       his cloak        
15. Information:
 who gives them a riddle to find the red bull?
       the skull        
       the cat        
16. The watchman:
 Why did the skull sound the alarm?
       It saw a unicorn        
       It didn't like Molly        
       It saw Haggard        
       The wine wasn't good enough        
17. The cat:
 Why was the cat afraid of Amalthea's touch?
       He wasn't        
       He was sore        
       she couldn't heal him        
       if she touched him, he would never have been his own ever again        
18. The skull:
 what does the skull not say when he sees her?
       "I'm trecerous, but not that trecerous,"        
       "Unicorn, unicorn!"        
       "There she goes, down to the the red bull"        
       none of the above        
19. bull:
 how many times is the bull fooled by the unicorn's disguise?
       three times        
20. Fight:
 why does the unicorn fight?
       Lir is killed        
       Molly is killed        
       Schmendrick is killed        
       the castle has fallen        
       None of the above        
21. Question:
 What does Lir ask Schmendrick during the final fight?
       "What have you done?"        
       "Why won't you do anything?"        
       "What good is all the magic in the world if it cannot even save a unicorn?"        
       none of the above        
22. the other side:
 why didn't the bull fight?
       what are you talking about, of course he fought        
       he was outmatched        
       he doesn't fight only conquers        
       he was alergic to unicorns        
       he was ganged up upon        
23. Haggards end:
 In the movie, what does haggard yell as the castle is falling down?
       "the last, I knew you were the last"        
24. Father:
 Who is Lir's father?
       he doesn't have one        
25. Home:
 Why is the unicorn afraid to go home?
       She has been mortal        
       She is still a human        
       She loves Schmendrick        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
          and you've already taken it once.
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