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DISCLAIMER: I do not ow,os,own Naruto.There, I said it.
I don't really have a long discription...but the %'s don't matter.It chose what was at what %...
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1. Describes:
 Which best describes you
       I want to have a demon!        
       Projectiles for me!        
2. Attack:
 You have 5 Jonin going against a controled center of 5 ninja.You need to get a scroll from them.When's the best time to attack?
       Whenever!Who cares!        
       during daylight        
       Get the ANBU involved        
       at night        
3. Have to have common sense!:
 You're playing chess.You're white.There is a white king on A5 and a white queen on B4.There is also 1 rook on C8.Black has a knight next to your queen, a queen on C5.They also have a pawn on B4.What's the best way to win?
       Take the knight!        
       Go around, forming the best stradegy.        
       take a long time thinking about it.        
4. Stradegy, quick thinking!:
 If Itatchi came while you were alone, nextto the forest and next to the city, What would you do?
       Throw a sherikon, then hide in the forest!        
       Just attack them!        
       Throw a sherikon, then hide in the city!        
       Hit with an effective long range attack.        
5. Battle!:
 you have 10 genin against 3 Jonin.What do you do?
       Throw sherikon        
       Hold them and look for replacements        
       Hold them and attack them.Be ready for replacments        
       Use your numbersto overwhelm them        
6. Friends or foes?:
 In the chunin exam, would you try to make freinds with opponets?
       No way!Fight them beforhand and knock them out of the exams!        
       Simply let what happens happens.        
       Just let what happens happen, but wait till afterward.        
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