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Test your knowledge of the CW's "Smallville".
This is a quiz about the CW's "hit" television series Smallville.  If you are a fan of Smallville, then come and take this quiz.  Have fun and enjoy.
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1. Trivia:
 Which actor played Brainiac (aka: Professor Milton Fine) on "Smallville"? Hint: The actor is well known for portraying Spike on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel the Series".
       David Caruso        
       Daniel Radcliffe        
       James Marsters        
       Tom Hanks        
2. Season 6:
 Who did Lana marry?
       Green Arrow        
       Lionel Luthor        
       Lex Luthor        
       Clark Kent        
3. Filming Location:
 Which city is Smallville being filmed in?
       Los Angeles, California        
       Miami, Florida        
       Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada        
       New York City        
4. Kryptonian Name:
 What is Clark Kent's Kryptonian name?
5. Season 6:
 All of the following happened during season 6 EXCEPT ....
       Lana's "death"        
       Lana and Lex got married        
       Clark and Lois got married        
       Clark met Green Arrow        
6. Lex Luthor:
 Who is Lex Luthor?
       Lionel's son        
       Clark's uncle        
       Lana's brother        
       President of Magicians United        
7. Powers/ Abilities:
 What is Chloe's ability/ power?
       the ability to heal people        
       super speed        
       super strength        
       x-ray vision        
8. Season 7:
 Which character was introduced in season 7?
       Kara (Clark's cousin)        
       Chloe Sullivan        
       Green Arrow        
       Martian Manhunter        
       Lionel Luthor        
9. Pete Ross:
 Which season did Pete Ross leave?
       Season 1        
       Season 2        
       Season 3        
       Season 4        
10. Birth Place:
 Where was Clark born?
       Star City        
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