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The hardest quiz you'll ever do, man.
Hello, and welcome to The Random Quiz.

In case you haven't guessed, the quiz is random.

No, seriously. It's random.

You don't believe me? Well, that's your loss...and your sanity to boot >_>
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1. Potato of questionable content:
 Did you take my rabid potato away from me?
       Yes, and I ATE it. Should have heard the screams.        
       It was not rabid! It just had shaving foam on it.        
       No, it ran away on its own. On tiny little stumpy legs.        
       I am the potato god, give me your potatoes.        
       Stay away from that fork, crazy person.        
2. An extreme situation. None of us want to be there. But just in case :):
 If you were the last man, and I was the last woman...Or vice versa.
       Shoot! There goes my freedom of choice.        
       I'll find the last surviving lemming and marry it.        
       I'd find great amusement in playing tiddlywinks in a minefield.        
       I'd Start a nuclear war. Hey, no one can stop me.        
       I’d repeat the word ‘Cheesecake’ over and over again. Cheesecakes are goooood.        
       OMFG WTF?        
3. A Mystery...:
 I swear, I did not open The Fridge.
       Though I did eat the cooking utensils.        
       The earthquake was an accident.        
       I SWEAR. Look at my face. This is the face of honesty,        
       The invisible man opened it. See? Look, he's doing it now.        
       No! I didn't! Please! PLEASE NO NOT THE WHITE VAN        
4. It's a bitter life.:
 Why is my lemonade by the window.
       Magic. Wooooo.        
       I don't know, why is there a dodo in the kitchen?        
       Its because you put it there.        
       My mummy sez I should stop pwaying the computer.        
       It was playing hide and seek with the broom.        
5. The Muffin Man. He's real. My lampshade told me so.:
 Do you know the muffin man?
       The muffin man?        
       What the muffin man?        
       No. But I like Muffins.        
       The muffin man!        
       Ooh, did you just mention the muffin man?        
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