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This is the quiz about a pool.
Please read the story with the same title and complete this quiz.
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1. The Odd Pool:
 Who was the man really yelling at?
       the girls        
       a woman        
       a turtle        
       A piece of cheese        
2. The Odd Pool:
 What did the girls did not see when they were heading towards the pool?
       a cat        
       a dog        
       a mouse        
       a sign        
3. The Odd Pool:
 Why do you think Kristy and her friends laughed about the day that they went to the odd pool?
       They didn't like what they did        
       They were mad at each other        
       They liked cheese        
       When they remembered that day they thought that it was funny how they made the mistake of going in the pool at the wrong time        
4. The Odd Pool:
 Why did Kristy go back up the pool?
       She liked pie        
       She liked cheese        
       Her eyes hurt from the white hard stuff in the pool        
       She wanted to leave the pool        
5. The Odd Pool:
 How did Kristy react when she saw a man pouring the hard white stuff in the pool?
       Relaxed, Calm        
       Panicked, Shocked        
       Exhausted, Tired        
       Happy, Excited        
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