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Rated: E · Quiz · Action/Adventure · #1341091
This is the quiz that goes along with the short story "Kid Gone Fizzy!"
Directions: Please read the story "Kid Gone Fizzy!" before you complete this quiz.
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1. "Kid Gone Fizzy!":
 What does Andrew drop in the pool?
       Fizz-All box        
       his towel        
       his rec card        
       his shoes        
2. "Kid Gone Fizzy!":
 Fill in the blank of the sentence from "A Fizzy Situation". "To their surprise, when they got there, the school ____________, Jos`e, was pouring a whole box of Fizz-All into the pool!"
3. "Kid Gone Fizzy!":
 When Andrew saw everyone out of the pool shivering with white bubbles on them, he thought there was something wrong with the bubble baths.
4. "Kid Gone Fizzy!":
 What was Jos`e's punishment for pouring the Fizz-All in the pool?
       he was pushed in the pool        
       he had to eat worms        
       he had to pay for the damage        
       he had no punishments        
       he was forced to dress up as a clown        
       he was banned from the rec, he had to return his rec card, and he needed to pay $15.00 to the rec center.        
5. "Kid Gone Fizzy!":
 From reading this story, what do you know about Andrew?
       his best friend is Jos`e        
       he can drive a car        
       he likes swimming        
       he lives with his grandma        
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