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If you've watched "Mythbusters" your a sure A+!! If not.......
Hello everyone! This is the quiz about how well you know common household myths! If you watch the show Mythbusters, your a sure A+!! But if you haven't watched...You're gonna fail!!
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1. Question 1:
 Are elephants really afraid of mice?
       Yes, of course they are!        
       No, it's just a silly rumor.        
       Maybe, somewhat yes and no.        
2. Question 2:
 Is it really easy to shoot fish in a barrel?
       Yes (duh)        
       No, it actually isn't.        
3. Question 3:
 What works best to cure your mouth being burned by a chile pepper?
       Petrolium Jelly        
4. Question 4:
 Are sharks afraid of Dolphins?
       Sort of.        
5. Question 5:
 Can a 7-47 really knock over a taxi?
       They can also knock over buses and small planes.        
6. Question 6:
 Does red really make bulls crazy?
       No way!        
       Yes way!        
7. Question 7:
 Can you fire off five rounds with old cowboy guns before a quarter dollar hits the ground from your hand?
8. Question 8:
 What really caused the Hindinburg to be consummed in flames?
       The paint        
       The hydrogen        
       A combination of both        
9. Question 9:
 Does sticking your fingers in the barrel of a gun save you from being killed?
10. Question 10:
 Can you breath underwater from a tire?
11. Question 11:
 What cleans best on ye olde pirate cloth?
       Ye olde rum        
       Ye olde soap        
       Commercial soap        
       All of the above        
       None of the above        
       Some of the above        
12. Question 12:
 What's better to eat? The cereal, or the box?
13. Question 13:
 Will Biscicut cans blow up in your car?
       Hell freakin' yes!        
       No way Hombre'!        
14. Question 14:
 Will Aresol cans blow up in your car?
       No-Of course yes!!!!        
       No. Just NO!!!        
15. Question 15:
 How high do you need to go in order to get plastic brest implants to explode?
       14000 ft        
       They will not explode-not even in the vacuum of space!!        
16. Question 16:
 Will your jeans catch on fire if you are dragged by a horse?
       Yes,--do I smell smoke??        
       No, and you don't smell smoke.        
17. Question 17:
 What is the name of the crash dummy the Mythbusters rely on?
       They don't use a dummy, they use a pig named Francisco.        
18. Question 18:
 Will you get fatally shocked if you urinate on the electronic "Third Rail" of Electronic and Subway trains?
       Why no, you woulden't unless you were very close.        
       Yes, no doubt in my mind.        
19. Question 19:
 What is the best way to excape from a sinking car? (Sinking in a lake, or river)
       Beat on the door with all your strength        
       Quickly open the door, BEFORE the water level gets very high.        
       Smash your keys on the window        
       Be very calm and wait for the car to sink all the way to the bottem, then carefully open the door and swim out.        
       A and B        
       C and A        
       D and B        
20. Question 20:
 If you cover yourself in gold paint, will you die from heat exhastion?
       Why no, that's silly!        
       Yes you will.        
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