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take the quiz for the story the Phill and Jake
Read the story then take the quiz.
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1. multiple choice:
 Jake's pool is ......
       bigger than the neighbors.        
       smaller than the neighbors.        
       the same size as the neibors.        
       none of the above        
2. multiple choice:
 phill ......
       never got in trouble        
       always gets in trouble        
       all of the above        
3. multiple choice:
 What was the neighbors name?
       The Bottom Apple's        
       The clowns        
       The Apple Bottoms        
       none of the above        
4. multiple choice:
 Where did Phill and Jake hide when the neighbors came home.
       In the bush        
       In the pool        
       They didn't hide        
       Over the fence        
5. multiple choice:
 Phill learned his lesson.
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