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Test your knowledge of chick flicks!
This quiz was created for spidey WDC contest and featured in Contests and Activities Newsletter on 3/27/08. I am a sucker for sappy chick flicks. This quiz will test your knowledge. I will give a quote, character bio, or synopsis and you will have to guess the movie or character. This quiz will cover a variety, spanning from the classics to more modern movies. If you get stuck, feel free to check out google.com or imdb.com. Good luck and have fun!
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1. Name That Character:
 This character from Breakfast at Tiffany's says, "Do you think she's talented? Deeply and importantly talented?"
       Paul Varjak        
       Holly Golightly        
       Mr. Yunioshi        
       Mag Wildwood        
2. Name that movie:
 This chick flick is a "Cinderella story" starring Drew Barrymore as Danielle De Barbarac, a servant girl who falls in love with Prince Henry.
       Gone with the Wind        
       Ever After        
       My Fair Lady        
3. Name that movie:
 In this movie, the main character's favorite things to say are "Fiddle-dee-dee" and "I can't think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow."
       Alex and Emma        
       Gone with the Wind        
       My Fair Lady        
4. Name That Character:
 This character from Alex and Emma says, "It's the story of a man who's frightened of commitment yet so desperately in love with a woman he's afraid it might kill him. It's a comedy."
       Alex Sheldon        
       Emma Dinsmore        
       Adam Shipley        
5. Name That Character:
 This character from My Fair Lady calls Eliza Doolittle, "You impudent hussy!" and a "squashed cabbage leaf."
       Eliza Doolittle        
       Colonel Pickering        
       Freddy Eynsford-Hill        
       Professor Higgins        
6. Name that movie:
 In this movie, a chauffer's daughter (played by Audrey Hepburn) goes to Paris and comes back home an elegant woman. Her return causes a rift between the son's of the family her father works for as they vie for her affections. (A remake of this was later made starring Julia Ormand as the main character)
       My Fair Lady        
       Gone with the Wind        
       Sleepless in Seattle        
7. Name that movie:
 This chick flick stars Tom Hanks, in which the son of a widower calls a radio talk show to find his father a wife.
       How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days        
       Sleepless in Seattle        
       That Thing You Do        
8. Name That Character:
 In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, this character says, "Our love fern! You let it die!"
       Benjamin Barry        
       Andie Anderson        
9. Name that movie:
 In this chick flick, Richard Gere plays a business man who hires a hooker, Julia Roberts, as an escort and falls in love.
       Pretty Woman        
       Erin Brokovich        
       My Fair Lady        
       The Wedding Date        
10. Name that movie:
 In this movie, Johnny Castle says, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
       Runaway Bride        
       Dirty Dancing        
       Legally Blonde        
       Notting Hill        
11. Name that movie:
 This chick flick stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan who are two friends who fear that getting intimate with each other will ruin their relationship.
       Alex and Emma        
       Pretty Woman        
       When Harry Met Sally        
       Notting Hill        
12. Name That Character:
 This character in Princess Bride says, "Hello, my name is ____, you killed my father, prepare to die."
       Inigo Montoya        
13. Name that movie:
 The tagline for this movie is "This is our mother. Pray for us." It stars Cher as Mrs. Flax who is yet again moving herself and her two daughters to a different town after another failed relationship. Also starring Bob Haskins, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci.
       Pretty Woman        
14. Name that movie:
 This movie is about Josie Geller, a copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times, is asked to re-enter her old high school for a story. She gets a second chance at being popular, instead of "Josie Grossie," and finds herself falling for one of her teachers who thinks she's only 17.
       Never Been Kissed        
       Josie and the Pussycats        
       Where the Heart Is        
       Fever Pitch        
15. Name That Character:
 While the ship is sinking, this character from Titanic says, "I don't know about you, but I intend on writing a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line about all of this."
       Cal Hockley        
       Molly Brown        
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