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This is a science quiz I created one night while pulling an all-nighter.
*Exclaim*WARNING! This quiz contains material from elementary school up through college graduate work, if you have not studied quantum physics through college level, DON'T expect to get a perfect score! This quiz is ONLY here to help you learn through trial and error about VERY advanced science!

Some of these facts are taken from my 10th grade Biology book, while others are taken from my notes throughout high school. Yet others of these facts are taken straight from college level books written about fields in which the authors are pioneers of.

Please, take this quiz, and remember: this is not here to make you look stupid (quite the opposite, really). Now, "On your marks, Get set, QUIZ!!!"
1. general:
 The four main states of matter are solid, liquid, plasma, and _______.
       carbon monoxide        
2. Quantum Physics:
 String theory states that everything is made up of "tiny _______ strings."
3. Biology:
 What is "DNA" an abbreviation for?
       deoxyribonucleic acid        
       dioxygenribonial nuclear acidic        
       diribo nucleic acid        
       deribialnucleic auxin        
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