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a quiz for Kays contest
Relationships can be the best thing life has to offer. A partner can add joy to your life or take away from it. Not all unions are meant to be long term. Your partner may be sucking the life out of you like a flesh eating virus. Take this quiz to find out if you are in a beneficial relationship or if it’s time call it quits.

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1. Sensitivity:
 Your lover senses you are frustrated and wants to know what they are doing wrong. You answer:
       Nothing sweetie. I am not feeling well. I love you.        
       You are working too much and I am feeling neglected. Could we spend some time together?        
       You are breathing.        
2. Understanding:
 It’s your anniversary and he forgot. How do you handle it?
       Realize everyone forgets important things occassionally. Remind him with a romantic surprise.        
       Pout all day and and make sure he knows how upset you are. If he doesn't get it, throw a shoe at him.        
       What anniversary?        
3. Attraction:
 Your lover wants a romp in the sack. You:
       Tear your clothes off and attack them.        
       Agree but you would rather not.        
       Feel your time would be put to better use scrubbing the toilets.        
4. Closeness:
 You get a promotion at work and you:
       Call your lover first and make plans to celebrate.        
       Leave your lover a voicemail with the news and then go to happy hour with a coworker        
       Your lover doesn't even know you went back to work a year ago.        
5. Patience:
 You are watching a tv show about women who have snapped and killed their lovers. You:
       Cry the entire hour sympathizing for the victim.        
       See both sides and understand why she may have snapped        
       Call the woman an idiot for leaving the unused poison in the garage. You wouldn’t have been so stupid to keep the evidence around.        
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