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... than your spouse? A quiz to determine your level of attraction to me.
It has come to my attention that many of the lady type members of this site might find me more attractive than their current man person. Like all my other hypothesis, I have designed a quiz in which I intend to prove this theory correct.

This isn't an insult towards your "men", but a social barometer. Good luck, and, in all fairness to your "man" try not to think of me before you begin.
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1. Body Type:
 How often do you look at your husband and then Z.Hume only to realize that you do indeed find arm hair attractive.
       I'm blind.        
2. The Bedroom.:
 Your significant other passes gas in bed, and you think Z.Hume -
       Would never, ever do such a thing.        
       Might, but I could forgive him.        
       Would and I'm happily prepared to submit to that tsunami.        
       I taste almonds        
3. The Bedroom:
 In what way do you think of Z.Hume while with your significant other?
       In leather and a ball gag.        
       I don't think of Z.Hume... I DO Z.Hume        
       As a cowboy with a whip        
       He's behind me, I can't see what he's wearing.        
4. Romance:
 Your sig. other forgets your anniversary, and you say -
       Z.Hume would never do such a thing!        
       You better hope Z.Hume doesn't ring that doorbell tonight.        
       I don't even know who Z.Hume is, but I bet he's an alright guy        
       You bastard! I should have run away with Z.Hume when I could.        
5. Hair and Skin:
 Your husband/boyfriend starts to loose his hair. You react with -
       Z.Hume's losing his, it's all the rage.        
       I'll love you no matter what.        
       Put a rug on that mirror, Destro!        
       Where are the divorce papers?        
6. The Bedroom.:
 You're caught watching Rumiez episode 20 to catch Z.Hume with his shirt off. You tell your man -
       I just watch it for the articles!        
       Z.Hume? More like Z.Hung!        
       I swear! My hand was on the mouse!        
       Please, Robert, just let me get my freak back with this fine young stallion.        
7. Romance:
 You imagine a night with Z.Hume to be -
       Magical... and then sweaty.        
       No better than a night with my man.        
       I think it would be thought provoking.        
       What did you say? My bra just fell off as if by some unseen sex-force.        
8. Body Type:
 Your husband flips tractor tires in the backyard. Do you think -
       Z.Hume could do more flips for fewer dollars.        
       Z.Hume couldn't flip it once.        
       Z.Hume couldn't flip it once... cause he'd be flipping me.        
       Z.Hume wouldn't do it cause flipping tires is horribly bigoted past time.        
       Z.Hume and I could think of something better to do with that tire.        
9. Relationship:
 You and yours are having a spat over the fact that he doesn't like your friends. You believe that in the same situation Z.Hume would -
       Have no problems with my friends, cause he loves the ladies.        
       Have already dated all my friends and be comfortable with knowing what they look like naked.        
       Have left the room crying like a baby.        
       Have hugged it out with me... and then copped a feel.        
10. Relationship:
 It's a lazy Sunday and you want to watch "Sex in the City" but your man wants to watch football. Which response do you feel is correct?
       That's okay, STC is stupid anyway        
       Football is awesome, but not as awesome as Z.Hume        
       Cheerleaders give me boners.        
       John Madden gives me boners        
11. Religion/Politics/Morals:
 Your man wants to do it in a bar restroom. You undoubtedly think of Z.Hume, but what would be different?
       Hume would smell of the finest Scotch and the cheapest cologne.        
       Hume would never do it in public... with out a camera that is.        
       Hume and I would never do it ever...        
       My husband would never get me in that position... but Z.Hume        
12. Religion/Politics/Morals:
 You and yours have a spat about the coming elections. You close the argument with -
       I'm voting my mind!        
       I'm voting for whoever Z.Hume votes for!        
       I'm voting for McCain!        
       I'm voting for Obama!        
13. The Bedroom.:
 You imagine that a night in bed with Z.Hume would be like-
       Riding a moped.        
       Riding a bucking bronco.        
       Riding a bucking buffalo.        
       Riding a bucking WASP.        
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