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what do you like in a story?
This is just a fun quiz asking you about different types of stories, characters, and settings you'd rather. I'm having writer's block right now, so I'm just creating a random quiz to open up.
1. Did you like this quiz?:
 Did you like this quiz?
       Hated it        
       I don't know        
       Loved it        
       Eh, I'm just bored.        
2. Ok to start off, what would your kind of plot be?:
 Ok to start off, what would your kind of plot be?
       A masked vigilante who is set out to destroyed those who killed his family. He falls in love with a girl.        
       A masked man who kidnaps a twenty year old woman and he's determined to kill her because her father destroyed his life. He falls in love with the girl instead.        
       An ordinary nineteen year old girl living in the year 2020. Her life is ordinary until she finds out she has a stalker.        
       A runaway slave finds freedom with a serial killer.        
       A young woman meets face to face with a legendary, highly skilled, killer who's believed to be unreal.        
       Young girl has a quest to find the men who killed her husband. She meets a man with the same quest as her.        
       Strong, heroic Robot falls in love with a girl        
3. Which male character sounds more attractive?:
 Which male character sounds more attractive?
       Muscular build, almond burnt colored hair, charcoal colored eyes, pale skin color, hair style unusual, unkempt.        
       Red lips, white skin color, muscular build, fanned out charcoal colored hair, dark blue eyes, long, dark eyelashes        
       White, straight smile, red lips, muscular build, black hair kept in unkempt/unusual style, long dark eyelashes, flashy dark blue eyes, glistening white skin        
       A robot, made of the hardest metal, completely blue with red streaks, glowing light blue eyes.        
4. Which setting do you like for an action story?:
 which place do you like better for an action story?
       New York, New York        
       London, England        
       Miami, Florida        
       San Diego, California        
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