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Numerous questions asking how you would survival the impending zombie doom
In this Quiz you will be asked numerous questions on how you would survive the zombie crisis.

This quiz contains some "No wrong answer" questions and some questions hopefully you will get right.
You can say this is a survey at the same time.
This quiz/survey was inspired by many other zombie survey questionnaires on the internet
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1. Basic knowledge 1:
 What is the most known way to become "Infected"?
       Being near the infected        
       cutting yourself during a crisis        
       Being bitten by an infected        
       Killing your best friend        
       Falling into a muddy puddle        
2. Basic knowledge 2:
 What is the most favored/commonly known type of Zombie?
       Disco zombies        
       Slow shuffling groaners        
       Sprinting mad cases        
       Insane mutants        
3. Basic knowledge 3:
 How do you Kill a zombie?
       Destroying the brain/severing of the head        
       Breaking the spine        
       shoot it down        
       removal of a zombie's limbs        
4. Basic knowledge 4:
 How do you treat a bitten survivor from becoming a zombie?
       Large doses of Antibiodics        
       Removal of the bitten limb        
       A bullet to the head, there is no cure        
       happy thoughts and ice cream        
5. Firearms Knowledge 1:
 Which of these is a handgun?
       Colt python        
       Springfield 1911        
       All of the above        
6. Firearms knowledge 2:
 Which of these ammunition types is the lightest if carrying 100 of them at once?
       9X19 Luger        
7. Firearms knowledge 3:
 At close range which of these types of firearms is the most effective for eliminating a zombie?
       357 revolver        
       12G shotgun        
       22 Lever action rifle        
       9mm automatic handgun        
       Waffle iron        
8. Firearms knowledge 4:
 The safety on a semi automatic pistol is always located...
       at the bottom of the handle next to the magazine hole        
       behind the hammer in between te sights        
       on the side of the slide above where the thumb should be        
       there is no safety mechanism on a semi automatic pistol        
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