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Some facts about some of the Castlevania games. Should be moderetly difficult.
Hey, yeah I like Castlevania recentley beat Eclessia and Aria of Sorrow so I felt like making this. Covers all sorts of facts and useless knowledge about the series, soooo have fun. Oh and DON'T CHEAT!!!11!!1!!one

Oh and I do not own the Castlevania series or any of the terms, all Copyrights and Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Please don't sue me!
1. Aria of Sorrow:
 Translated Claimh Solais means???
       Claimer of Souls        
       Sword of Light        
       Sword of Souls        
       Sword of the Sun        
2. Aria of Sorrow:
 Which Soul is not needed to get the GOOD Ending
       Flame Demon        
       Giant Bat        
       Black Panther        
3. Aria of Sorrow:
 Two souls are REQUIRED to ENTER the Forbidden Area they are
       Curly and Galamoth        
       Devil and the Grave Keeper        
       Manticore and Malphas        
       Eiter Curly, Devil, OR Manticore along with Undine        
       None they are all Lies        
4. Order of Eclessia:
 Despite having 9999 hp this boss can be beat in one hit by absorbing his glyph.
       The Giant Skeleton        
       Wall Man        
5. Aria of Sorrow:
 What was Soma Cruz doing in Japan
       Parking Cars <--- this        
       Looking for Dracula        
       He is an exchange Student        
       He lives there        
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