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all genres.
Name the song from the lyrics provided.
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1. Name the Artists:
 Who was not a member of the band The Highwaymen? (country)
       Willie Nelson        
       Kris Kristopherson        
       Johnny Cash        
       Merle Haggerd        
       Waylon Jennings        
2. What Was Actually Being Said:
 In The Garden Of Eden is what was actually trying to be said in what famous song.
       Iron Butterfly        
       In The Garden Of Eden        
3. What?:
 In the song Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice the famous riff at the beginning of the song was taken from what famous song by Queen?
       Bohemian Rhapsody        
       Under Pressure        
       Killer Queen        
4. Who Is It?:
 Who sang the song Picture Postcards From L.A.?
       Six Pence None The Richer        
       Jeff Buckley        
       Joshua Kadison        
       Chris Cagle        
5. What Band?:
 In the upcoming movie The Runaways, who is not a member of the group?
       Joan Jett        
       Pat Benetar        
       Cherie Currie        
       Lita Ford        
6. Name The Band:
 Axl, Tracii, Izzy, Ole, and Rob are the original members of what rock group?
       Guns and Roses        
       Def Leppard        
7. Name the Artist from their Real Name:
 Stanley Burrel
       Iggy Pop        
       MC Hammer        
8. Name The Artist from their Real Name:
 James Newell Osterberg Jr.
       L L Cool J        
       Iggy pop        
       Steven Tyler        
9. Artist Real Name:
 Florian Armstrong
       Fiona Apple        
       Donna Summers        
10. Lyrics:
 Lucky to have been where I have been.
       Time Escapes        
11. name the band.:
 My friends don't have the keys to my Mercedes Benz.
       Mercedes Benz        
       Run Off To LA        
12. name the song:
 Never had no schoolin' but he taught me well in his smooth Southern style...
       Dark Lady        
       Gypsies, Tramps, and Theives        
       Southern Boys        
13. Name the Artist:
       Aaron Carter        
       Man From Milwaukee        
14. Name The Song:
 That low down, uptown, slept with every guy around, pressed on eyelash, no good white trash, hoe...
       Cheater, Cheater        
       Cheater's Heart        
15. pick one:
 Which of these songs is not sung by Styx?
       Grand Illusion        
       Too Much Time On My Hands        
       Say Goodbye        
16. Finish the lyrics:
 Well his fist is big but my.....
       fists bigger        
       pipes bigger        
       guns bigger        
17. Name the Artist:
 Why does the color of my coffee match your eyes.
       Six Pence None The Richer        
       Miranda Lambert        
       Jamie O'Neal        
       Faith Hill        
18. Pick one:
 Which is not a song sung my Miley Cyrus?
       See You Again        
       The Climb        
19. Finish the lyrics:
 I gotta keep ______ gotta keep my head held high.
20. pick one:
 Who was not a member of KISS?
       Ace Frehley        
       Gene Simmons        
       Peter Criss        
       Paul Stanley        
       John Paul        
21. pick one:
 Which is not a real band
22. pick one:
 Which artist did Reba McEntire not sing a song with?
       Brooks and Dunn        
       Justin Timberlake        
       Linda Davis        
       Kenny Chesney        
       Garth Brooks        
23. pick one.:
 What is the last name Cher was born with? (All are names she has had)
       no last name        
24. Name The Band:
 Who sang the song Whitebird?
       Carter Twins        
       Bellamy Brothers        
       It's A Beautiful Day        
       White Rabbit        
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