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The name says it all this quiz is filled with completly random questions enjoy.
This quiz is filled with random questions that I came up with off the top of my head. The questions can range from simple to complex. Don't let anything suprise you. enjoy my quiz.
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1. botany:
 What would happen if trees had no leaves
       They would die which would kill us        
       why should I care        
2. mythology:
 How do you kill a vampire with out using light
       hell if I know        
       vampires don't exist        
       Stab a wooden stake through it's heart        
3. Spelling:
 how do you spell the number 3.14. Hint the number gose on forever
       Three and fourteen hundreths        
       I don't know        
4. Riddle:
 What do you get if you mix an elephant and a rhino
       That doesn't make any sense        
5. Math:
 156 X 1/2
       i'm not good at math        
6. U.S. history:
 Which presient was James Buchanan
7. Anime Tv shows:
 What are the dragon balls from DBZ
       That's discusting        
       The Dragon's balls        
       7 magic balls that grant you any wish        
8. Video games:
 What did the light speed shoes from sonic the hedgehog give sonic the abillity to do.
       Lets him fun along a trail of rings at light speed        
       Make him fast as light        
       I'm not a sonic fan        
9. Super Mario Bros. Z:
 What Happened in EP. 8 when sonic absorbed a fire flower
       He became fire sonic        
       I hate sonic and mario        
       He burnt to ashes        
10. The hardest question ever:
 Do you think you did well
       Pick C that's the right answer        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
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