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People make these twilight quizzes all the time. About the BOOK! Don't now go get yours.
Ok so this quiz is based on obviously Twilight. Not New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawson, and more importantly not the movie, we are talking books here. You are not allowed to now and go and get your book and place it by you, like I did to create this quiz, even though I'd say I was quite knowledgable of the subject. So um, this is my first quiz, please don't be do harsh to judge, purely having fun here. So, enjoy! :)
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1. Chapter Two: Open Book:
 "You should see the doctor.....It's a good thing he's happily married. A lot of the nurses have a hard time concentrating when he's around." Who says this about the yummy, Doctor Carlisle Cullen?
2. Chapter One: First Sight:
 What is the name of Bella's trignometry teacher?
       Mr Mason        
       Mr Varner        
       Mr Banner        
       Mr Molina        
3. Chapter Three: Phenomenon:
 "But it's cold," Bella complained. What was Edwards reaction to this, having just saved her from an on-coming truck? Offt, naughty Edward ;)
       He moaned        
       He growled        
       He didn't do anything        
       He accidently banged her head        
       He chuckled        
4. Chapter Four: Invitations:
 What does Edward admit to being when Bella asks him what he wants in Biology?
       A Vampire        
       Very...very hot ;)        
5. Chapter Five: Blood Type:
 What doesn't Bella like?
       Double Standards        
6. Chapter Six: Scary Stories:
 "HOW" does Bella get jacob to tell her about "WHAT"?
       Flirting and Leeches        
       Smiling and 'the Cold ones'        
       Talking and Vampires        
       Flirting and 'the Cold ones'        
       Smiling and Vampires        
7. Chapter Seven: Nightmare:
 In Bella's nightmare, what does Edward tell her to do?
       Trust him        
       Love him        
       Run away        
       Be his        
       Go away        
8. Chapter Eight: Port Angeles:
 What feeling replaces the 'choking fear' Bella feels, when Edward arrives in his volvo to save her from the 'thugs'?
9. Chapter Nine: Theory:
 What does Edward make Bella promise to do before she gets out his car?
       To ring him when she gets in        
       Not to go into the woods alone        
       Never to speak to Mike        
       To try and be careful        
       Be nice to Charlie        
10. Chapter Ten: Interrogations:
 What does Edward pick up the eat, to prove to Bella, he could eat food - if he was dared to?
       A Slice of Pizza        
       An Apple        
       Mushroom Raveolli        
       A Banana        
       A Burger        
11. Chapter Eleven: Complications:
 What does Mike say after Gym that makes Bella giggle?
       He asks her to the dance again        
       Not to go into the woods alone        
       Edward doesn't really like her        
       That Edward looks at her like she's something to eat        
       Edward seems like a monster        
       That he is 'Jealous of Cullen'        
12. Chapter Twelve: Balancing:
 What excuse does Bella give Charlie for not asking Mike to the dance?
       He's dating Jessica        
       She can't dance        
       She's going out with Edward        
       He's just a good buddy        
       A & B        
       B & D        
       A, B & C        
13. Chapter Thirteen: Confessions:
 "I'm the world's best ************* aren't I?" What does Edward refer to himself as when he gets a tinnnny bit angry? :)
14. Chapter Fourteen: Mind Over Matter:
 What outfit is Bella wearing to make Edward raise the comment, "Nice," in her bedroom?
       Victoria's Secret silk pyjamas        
       T-shirt and shorts        
       Holey t-shirt & gray sweat pants        
       Holey t-shirt & blue sweat pants        
15. Chapter Fifteen: The Cullens:
 What does Alice do when she greets Bella at the Cullen household?
       Kisses her cheek        
       Hugs her        
       Shakes her hand        
       Squeezes her        
       Revolts away from her        
16. Chapter Sixteen: Carlisle:
 Why do we learn Carlisle left the Volturi: Aro, Marcus and Caius?
       They continued to feed on humans        
       They had no respect for humans        
       They kept trying to persuade him to hunt humans, not animals        
       They hated the idea he hunted animals        
       He hated the idea they hunted humans        
17. Chapter Seventeen: The Game:
 Who hits the ball the hardest when playing baseball, according to Esme?
18. Chapter Eighteen: The Hunt:
 What does Emmett claim Bella to be, while they are trying to figure out how to distract James?
       "She's Stupid!"        
       "She's Funny!"        
       "She's Smart, yanno?"        
       "She's Diabolical,"        
19. Chapter Nineteen: Goodbyes:
 "Your the first one to ask permission," Who does Bella say this to, and what for?
       Esme - To pick her up        
       Esme - To hug her        
       Carlisle - To hug her        
       Alice - To pick her up        
       Edward - To kiss her        
       Alice - To hug her        
20. Chapter Twenty: Impatience:
 "It's none of his business. This is between you and me. Alice, as a friend, I'm begging you." What is it that Bella wants Alice to tell her?
       How Edward became a vampire        
       How you become a vampire        
       If Edward loves her        
       How Alice became a vampire        
       If Alice can see Bella as a vampire        
21. Chapter Twenty-One: Phone Call:
 How does James "threaten/black-mail" Bella?
       Saying his has her mother        
       Using the sound of her mothers voice        
       Threatening her father        
       Saying he'll hurt Edward        
       Saying he'll kill everyone she loves        
22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Hide & Seek:
 Who does James tell Bella, in the Ballet Studio, he had once wanted because she smelt so good?
23. Chapter Twenty-Three: The Angel:
 How does Edward know Bella's blood is clean, while trying to stop her becoming a vampire?
       He can taste no more venom        
       Her blood tastes so good        
       He can taste the morphine        
       He can't taste anything        
       He wants doesn't want to stop drinking        
24. Chapter Twenty-Four: An Impasse:
 "What 'should' I apologise for?" Bella asks Edward when he is comforting her in hospital. What is Edwards response?
       "For going to James, and not waiting for me."        
       "For not waiting for me."        
       "For not understanding just how much I love you."        
       "For letting James nearly take you away from me."        
       "For nearly taking yourself away from me forever."        
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