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The True Meaning

      1. (Numbers25:1-18)    (a)The story of Balaam
                                        (b)Phineas the zealous priest
                                        (c)Laws of inheritance by daughters

      2.  How does Socrates overcome the "scientific" objections against the concept
            of immortality?

      3. What is the use of the Thorn Apple(Datura)?

      4. What was Karl von Frisch displacement theory?

      5. How long must the cerebral cortex be inactive on an electroencephalograph
          before there can be declared brain death?

          (a) 5 hours
          (b) a day
          (c) 9 hours

      6. Hebrew Numbers are based on the Hebrew alphabet.
          How many numbers are there?

          (a) 40
          (b) 90
          (c) 666
          (d) none of the above

      7. What happened when farmer Brown's boy met Buster Bear under the hemlock-tree?

          (a) they gazed into each others eyes
          (b) farmer Brown's boy yelled
          (c) they both ran
          (d) all of the above

      8. What did Saint Francis of Paola(Born in Italy, 15th century) predict accurately?

          (a) men will have a laxity in morals
          (b) Priests will engage in homosexuality
          (c) the Mohammedans will retake Europe
          (d) the Pope will have many illegitimate children
          (c) women will sing and dance, like prostitutes
          (e) all of the above

      9. Why is the number nine important to Kabbalists?

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1. The Tree of Knowledge:
 Why did Adam and Eve disobey God?
       They were lazy and stupid        
       They were created perfect        
       They were bored        
       God predestined it        
       The Devil tricked them        
       Eve tricked Adam        
       Adam and Eve wanted to be Gods        
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