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How well do you know the TV show LOST? SPOILER ALERT!!!
How well do you know the TV show LOST? The award-winning show just ended, but I still can't completely let go and move on. Hence, the quiz. Enjoy!
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1. Season 1:
 How far along was Claire when the plane crashed?
       Seven months        
       Eight months        
       Nine Months        
       Six Months        
2. Season 1:
 To whom did the wheelchair belong?
       Kate Austen        
       Rose Henderson-Nadler        
       Michael Dawson        
       John Locke        
3. Season 1:
 How are Boone and Shannon related?
       They have the same parents (traditional siblings).        
       They are dating.        
       They have the same father (half-siblings).        
       Their respective parents are married (step-siblings).        
4. Season 1:
 Who is the Smoke Monster's first victim among the Oceanic 815 survivors?
       Jack Shephard        
       Capt. Seth Norris        
       Frank Lapidus        
       Charlie Pace        
5. Crew:
 Which is not credited as creator of the show?
       Jeffrey Lieber        
       Damon Lindelof        
       JJ Abrams        
       Carlton Cuse        
6. Crew:
 Who directed the pilot?
       Jack Bender        
       JJ Abrams        
       Stephen Williams        
       Tucker Gates        
7. Season 1:
 How old was Kate when she committed her crime?
8. Season 1:
 What time was Sun supposed to leave the Sydney airport?
9. Season 1:
 To what is Charlie addicted?
10. Season 1:
 According to Sayid, how long has the French transmission been repeating?
       Sixteen years        
       Sixteen years, two months        
       Sixteen years, five months        
       Sixteen years, eight months        
11. Season 1:
 What do Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Boone, and Shannon encounter in the jungle?
       A polar bear        
       The Smoke Monster        
       The Others        
       The Hurley Bird        
12. Season 1:
 What numbers did Hurley play in the lottery?
       4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42        
       4, 8, 15, 22, 23, 40        
       4, 8, 16, 23, 25, 42        
       4, 8, 14, 15, 33, 42        
13. Season 1:
 What is Sayid's hometown?
       Tikrit, Iraq        
       Baghdad, Iraq        
       Basra, Al Basrah, Iraq        
       Tehran, Iran        
14. Season 1:
 Who beat up Michael and why?
       Sawyer, because Walt annoyed him        
       Sayid, because Michael stole the water bottles        
       Jin, because of the watch        
       Jin, because Michael was flirting with Sun        
15. Season 1:
 Which character was not kidnapped within the first 44 days?
       Claire Littleton        
       Aaron Littleton        
       Walt Lloyd        
       Anthony Cooper        
16. Season 1:
 When did Oceanic Flight 815 crash on the Island?
       October 22, 2004        
       August 29, 2004        
       September 22, 2004        
       September 23, 2004        
17. Season 1:
 Who is the first character we see?
       John Locke        
       James "Sawyer" Ford        
       Jack Shephard        
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