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What am I? Read the riddle and answer the question.
looking around what I see is rare
too few people notice or bother to care

that the earth wasn't made for only our kind.
Unique in their shape some so hard to find.

It's true that no two are exactly the same;
Any shape and so many sizes to gain.

Many seeking the most valuable ones;
Spotting the beauty, hoping their search is done.

But nature can fool those with greed and haste,
With an illusion, some say it is a waste.

Cause after searching all night for just the right one
A jack pot they've found, their search finally done.

They take one more look in the full light of the moon
Rubbing and biting realizing their state of ruin.

Despite all they have done, and searching all night,
All they hold in their hand is plain old Pyrite.

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 What I am?
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