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Alright if you were a giantess, or say you encountered one how would you/she act?
Alright, this will be quick. I just thought I should make a giantess quiz since I am into that sort of thing. Basically this is meant to see how/what the actions of a giantess that is either you or how you would wish a giantess would be like if you encountered one. This is not going to be really strange or erotic. Maybe a little risque but not sexual or disgusting like that ok, I'll keep it simple with five basic categories.

So just go through answer the questions honestly and have fun. (P.S. if you have been keeping up with my other giantess story I haven't added in a while because I have been busy and I kinda got bored with it so I am just adding something new enjoy!)

Those of you who haven't already I hope you will check out my "Amazing Giantess Adventure!" and please consider adding or emailing me about it.
1. A Violent Situation:
 Say you had a human with you but someone, or maybe another giantess wanted to hurt or kill them and they are willing to fight you for them what would you do?
       If they are going to hurt him, then I will protect him        
       Please, I would kill the human than whoever is harrassing me        
       No way, he is mine they will just have to get their own        
       We share in torturing him        
       Whatever they can have him, I don't care        
2. Transporting the Little People:
 Ok you have to carry a little human in battle, where do carry him
       Carry him, Please I left him where I found him        
       I don't have time to carry him in a battle, I'll just kill him and get it over with        
       I slip him down in between my breasts, he'll be safe and comfortable        
       Nowhere, I have already eaten him        
       Ahh anywhere I guess        
3. Overall:
 What is your overall view on humans?
       Such annoying little pests        
       They're alright, I have some as friends        
       They taste great...        
       They are sooooo cute, I keep alot as prisoners        
       Uh, I don't know....        
4. Reaction to Civilization:
 If you/the giantess happened upon a human city what would you do?
       Ahh...You humans so cute! (Picks one up and playfully taughts him)        
       Ugh! Why am I here, I am leaving....        
       Destroy Everything, Crush Buildings, Eat little people, no one can stop me!        
       Try not to hurt anyone O_O        
       Have a little fun, maybe frighten them a little, hehe        
5. Living Conditions:
 Where would you live
       Near humans I suppose, lets me keep an eye on them ;)        
       Far away, somewhere that I can be alone        
       Oh I don't know, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or scared        
       I will be with humans, so I can keep them on hand as slaves or snacks        
       By myself, with some of my little "friend/prisoners" with me        
6. Treating Humans:
 If you had a bunch of humans with you, as slaves or pets, or whatever, how would you treat them?
       I don't want any humans, they're just pesky little things        
       Very well, I would take care of them and try to befriend them        
       Lets just say they wouldn't last long....        
       However I want to, they are there for my enjoyment        
       They would have to do exactly as I say, or I will crush them        
7. Accidents:
 Ok, say you were walking along and you accidently crushed a car, what would be your reaction?
       Ha, that was fun, now I wonder if there are any others I can destroy        
       Oh my GOD!, I hope I didn't kill anyone        
       What the hell is a car doing way out here        
       Wow, such a tiny car, I can't believe how small it is compared to me        
       Whoa, , Hmm, I love having this much power, HAHAHA!        
8. A Stranger:
 Ok, so you walking along and you find a human boy, about 12 to 16 years old or so, what would you do with him.
       Scoop him up and make him my little play thing (not an innappropriate one though)        
       Ignore him, he is nothing to me        
       Kneel down and Carefully pick him up, then I would talk to him and see why he is out here by himself        
       Either pick him up and eat him or just step on him        
       Taunt the little guy, then kidnap him and make him my servant        
9. Something a Little Different:
 Ok, say you shrunk someone, or someone shrunk them for you, what would you be doing with them?
       Tormenting them, making them worship me        
       Getting rid of them, I don't want the around        
       Poor little guy, I would look after him carefully and always keep him nearby        
       Ah so many things to do with a little guy, I can't decide on what "fun" i would have (again, this is not supposed to be Innappropriated, even though it sound like it)        
       If he isn't dead already I'll find some other punishments for him...        
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