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A test to see if when an evil overlord comes to your niegghborhood if you'd be hired.
Hello and welcome to the EV-i1 Minion placement test. This is a test to see if you are in fact qualified to serve your evil mastermind of choice, after all, not everyone is fit to be a minion. If you pass, you will be the latest member in the nameless armies of evil that fill this world attempting it to bend it to the will of one you obey like your own personal god (Ex: Opra).

The following test will question you on how you react to situations, how or if you plan on advansing youself in this corporation, your expendability, your loyalty, and previous experiences.

Refrences are appreciated.

If you have recieved your scores, here are what your results mean:

9-15: You are not cut out for this job, hell, your more of a hero than villain. Get lost.

16-26: You coward, you are completely useless to this organization. Get lost.

27-33: You are prime minion material, you are loyal, obedient, and smart. Welcome aboard.

34-44: Wow, you're more of a villain in your own right, we might not be able to trust you, but if you join there's a promotion in your future.

45-50: You are a freak. A bloodthirsty, uncontrolled, creepy laugh, murderous freak! The men in white coats are on there way, please remain seated until they arrive.
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1. Promotion:
 How would you go about getting promoted?
       I'm fine where I am thank you        
       A vicious combo of blackmail and backstabbing        
       Kill my surperior and whoever gets his job until it's me        
       By helping others make the right choice        
       Kissing up and keeping a clean work area        
2. Choices:
 Your master's plan requires complete surprise and an attack on an area your family lives in. What do you do?
       Sabotage the attack and blame it on your lord's weakness        
       Alert the local hero/protection agency so that they can mount a defense and stop the attack        
       Try to avoid damaging the area but continue nonetheless        
       Slay the fools yourself        
       Call them and warn them so they may escape        
3. The old lady:
 You have been ordered to patrol the outside of the base and spot an old lady carrying a purse full of money. What do you do?
       Mug the woman for her money        
       Keep an eye on the woman, but continue your patrol        
       Ask the woman if she is lost and help her on her way.        
       Call a strike team to deal with the woman before continuing your patrol        
       Kill the woman, take her purse, and dismember the body        
4. The Boss is Nuts:
 Your master/overlord has been acting irrational and crazy lately. What do you do?
       Recomend him a good psycologist        
       Lead a rebelion against him and declare yourself king        
       Offer him a nice sit down lunch to talk over his problems        
       Continue to obey, he is your master        
       Secretly manipulate him and his orders so that you are in charge        
5. Ooh! Shiney!:
 While on a raid/offensive opperation, you and your team discover a large stash of money/weapons. What do you do?
       Convince other to leave the loot and continue with mission        
       Turn in some, pocket the rest        
       Kill all teammates, take the loot, and retire in mexico        
       Take loot but refuse credit for discovery        
       Turn in all proccedings to you higher ups        
6. Big Boom:
 You have just stubled across the ultamate super weapon. What do you do?
       Use it, duh        
       Offer it to your lord, it's the perfect gift        
       Destroy the thing before it can cause any harm        
       Use it to further your lords goals        
       Take it and use it as a power base        
7. Broke:
 You have not recieved your paycheck and are hearing rumors of bankrupce. What do you do.
       Destroy them all for making you work for free        
       Continue your work        
       Quit on the spot        
       Offer your lord some of your saving to help him get back on his feet        
       Submit your two weeks notice        
8. Power:
 You have just developed super powers of your own, now what?
       Put an end to your lord's tyrany        
       Start your own faction within the minions before going rogue        
       Use them to aid your lord's might        
       Keep them a secret        
9. Eeek! A Hero!:
 A hero, law enforcement agency, or rival villain group has found the base and begun breaking through the defenses. What do you do?
       Run away screaming        
       Kindly ask them to leave and explain your reasoning if they refuse        
       Gather as many explosives as you can and set them off        
       Switch sides        
       Join your fellows in a mighty counter attack        
10. New Management:
 Your master has been overthrown. What do you do?
       Usurp the usurper        
       All hail the new master        
       Ask for the pleasure of killing him        
       Aid your master, this injustice will not go unpunished        
       Defeat them both while they are weak and disorganized        
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