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by Unreal
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We've all seen those survive the desert or at sea stories, but can you survive this?
Well after the success of my are you evil minion matterial quiz, I decided to try making another quiz about trying to survive in a post-apocalypse world very similar to my story Clash over on Dragonlord (fine this is also an advertisement up to a point XP) where you must worry about monsters as well as mayham and crazy people.

This will not be a choose exactly right or you die, I'm not that cruel really! No I'll let you know exactly how wrong you are at the end of the day. So sit down, especially if you are one of those people using your phone to surf thinternet or just wierd and stand at your computer, and enjoy this little quiz of mine.

This part is for those of you who have finished the quiz...
Hey! I see you looking at this before you took your test! Skip over this you cheat!
Only those of you who have taken the test are looking now right?
Fine I guess this will have to do...

If you scored between:

10-15: Forget it man, you are dead, dead, dead, dead! Were you even trying to survive.

16-25: Well you might survive, though you will quickly become considered a monster equal or greater anything wandering around out there.
Just don't come near by house okay! I've got a gun! Seriously stay back! (sob) I don't want to die!

26-35: If god loves you, you might survive more than a month. It's not that your just flat out stupid, you just mad a few to many choices that weren't good ENOUGH.

36-44: Survival is not a sure thing with you, but you have some of the best odds out there, good luck to you Survivalist Extraordinar

45-50: Unless you're rambo, invulnerable, Duke Nukem, or adicted to a terrifing extent to adrinalain you should not have gotten this but you might have and your only hope of survival for more than ten minutes is god loving you so much he'd adopt you as his son/daughter. Still it will be an exciting ten minutes!
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1. Abandoned City:
 You come across a ruined city that looks like it might still be in working order and appears unihabitied, what now?
       Lead an expidition of friends to clear anything out and start a colony there        
       Find a nice place to stay there, you miss the little comforts        
       Loot the place and move on        
       Avoid the place, was probably abandoned for a reason        
       Explore the place, but keep your weapon at the ready.        
2. Dangers of the Sky:
 You spot a large flying monster, probably a dragon, hunting overhead, what to do?
       Get its attention, that bugger's going down!        
       Stand perfectly still, play dead, or play zombie        
       Hide in that bush or tree!        
       Hamstring anyone nearby you to distract it while you make your escape        
       Run for your life!        
3. Bargining:
 You need to decide what you are going to look for while you are out and what you are going to try and pay your way with in any cizilization you come across. You collect/take...
       Coins, dollars, euros, Ca$h        
       Whatever someone else WAS carrying        
       Food, always good to have on hand        
       Weapons, nuff said        
       Bits of dangerous creatures, low supply so high demand        
4. Fear the bunny?:
 While you are wandering about you notice a man who seems to be terrified of what appears to be a normal little bunny rabbit, what do you do?
       Avoid the bunny a all cost, he must be scared for a reason        
       Give the bunny a good smack to try and find out why he's so afraid        
       Kill them both, plenty of good meat there        
       Pick it up and talk about how darn cute it is, it really is cute!        
       Kill the rabbit! It's good mood food XD        
5. Time for work.:
 You've managed your first few days of dooms day rather well, now you need to figure out your place in this new world, what should you be?
       A hunter, kill badies and gather food        
       A bandit, take what you need        
       A soldier, plenty of backup        
       A trader, see new places and be welcomed everywhere        
       A loner, who needs them        
6. Choose Your Weapon:
 It's the first day of the apocalypse and you need to choose what kind of weapon to carry, What sort of weapon do you choose
       Brass knuckles or maybe a few sharp knives        
       A simple pistol seems like enough        
       A crowbar, hammer, or fireplace poker, just something that gives them a good hard wack        
       A big old wad of ca$h, nothing beats that.        
       Bow and arrow should do nicely        
7. Hungry:
 You have nothing to trade and are out of food what do you do?
       Look for something big and meat to kill        
       Eat that safe looking plant over there        
       Jump someone and eat their leg        
       Go fishing and forage for fruit        
       Dirt has a lot of minerals, thanks highschool!        
8. That looks painful:
 Somehow your traveling compainion has become severly injured and can't move any further on his own, what do you do.
       Pick him up and carry him to town, he's only two hundred pounds for five miles        
       Split up, have one group guard him while you get help.        
       Eat him, why else would you have attacked him?        
       Sit and wait for him to heal, no one gets left behind!        
       Leave him, painful but neccissary.        
9. Don't see that every day:
 A group of men in robotic suits is kidnapping people from a town for 'testing', what are you going to do about it?
       Try and convince them to stop with no violent means.        
       Turn around and head for the Next town        
       wait for them to leave before heading into town        
       Plant likely victims with explosives you can set off once they're grabbed, that'll teach them! }:)>        
       Guns loaded, pumped, and looking good, time to show them charmas a real ass sometimes.        
10. Eek a Zombie!:
 While travelling you run into a lone zombie wandering about, what do you do?
       Watch it carefully but otherwise ignor it.        
       Get out of there quickly, there is never only one.        
       Practice shooting at it        
       Finish it!        
       follow it for a while, find out where it's 'hive' is        
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