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Take this short quiz to see what sport is perfect for you.
Have you ever wondered what sport would suit you best? Well this quiz will help you discover which sport is best for you, according to your personality, skills and interests. Make sure your answers are one hundred percent truthful in order to get accurate results. Last but not least, have fun!
1. Body:
 What is your body type?
       Slim and petite        
       Muscular and heavy weighted        
       Tall and thin        
       Short and curved        
2. Hair Styles:
 What is your usual hair style?
       Different styles        
3. Clothes:
 What is your style of clothing?
       Jeans and shirt        
       Skirt and blouse        
       Very different and exotic clothes        
       Shorts and long sleeves/short sleeves        
4. Personality:
 What kind of personality do you think you portray?
       Good girl, very quiet but nice.        
       Girly and sweet.        
       Very tomboyish        
       Outsider and different from everyone        
       Confident and outgoing        
5. Books:
 What type of books would you be caught reading?
6. Week days:
 What is your favorite weekday and why?
       Tuesday because your favorite shows are on.        
       Fridays, cause you like to party.        
       Weekends cause you can chill and sleep in.        
       Wednesdays and Thursday because they're in the middle.        
       Mondays because it means a fresh new week.        
7. Seasons:
 What is your favorite season and why?
       Spring! Because that's when flowers start to bloom.        
       Summer because you can go to the beach and have fun!        
       Winter, cause you can sleep and drink hot chocolate.        
       Any season, because they're all great.        
       Fall, cause you love the colors of the leaves.        
8. Music:
 Why kind of music do you usually listen to?
       Rock n roll baby!        
       Pop music.        
       Hip hop and R&B.        
       Country music.        
9. Friends:
 How is your life socially?
       Me and my best friends (mostly girls) have known each other for years.        
       I've had so many boyfriends, I'm always in love.        
       I'm usually hanging out with the guys.        
       My friends and I stand out, or usually I'm out on my own.        
       I hangout with a variety of people but I have a close group of friends (cooed).        
10. Strategy:
 Do you have a way of playing sports/games? If so how?
       Not really. I pretty much follow my team mates.        
       Usually my team and I can work together.        
       I can be a bit aggressive, but I like to have fun with it.        
       Team? I work best solo.        
       I can be competitive at times, but it's that drive that makes me go for the gold.        
How'd you do? Click below for your results:
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