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A challenge on basic historical knowledge, so how much do you know ?
An education fun quiz for those who want to test their knowledge or expand it.
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1. Germany :
 Why is 11th August 1919 a key date ?
       Celebration of Adolf Hitler        
       It's a National Holiday        
       Weimar Constitution was signed        
2. England :
 The Battle of Hastings in 1066 AKA Norman Conquest of England, was won by an Army led by whom ?
       King Edward V        
       Mary Queen of Scots        
       Duke William I        
3. Japanese History :
 Who was the last Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate ?
       Tokugawa Lesada        
       Tokugawa Yoshinobu        
       Tokugawa Yoshimune        
4. Germany :
 What was Otto Von Bismarck's relationship to Wilhelm I of Prussia
       Chief of Police        
       Minister President of Prussia        
       Chief Sergeant of Gendarmes        
5. France :
 The French Revolution was during what period and how long did it last ?
       18th Century / 1789-1799        
       17th Century / 1642 - 1652        
       20th Century / 1922-1932        
6. England :
 Who is the Patron Saint of England
       St Christopher        
       St Matthew        
       St George        
7. France :
 In what period did monarchy reach it's peak where feudal lords became courtiers
       14th Century        
       17th Century        
       18th Century        
8. General History :
 When did World War One begin and end
       July 28th 1914-11th November 1918        
       June 20th 1914-October 8th 1918        
       March 16th 1913-September 1916        
9. Japanese History :
 The Tokugawa Shogunate ran for a period of approximately 265 years, from 1603, what date and year did it officially fall to the Meji Regime ?
       November 9th 1867        
       September 7th 1866        
       January 3rd 1865        
10. General History :
 When the RMS Titanic sank on her maiden voyage to New York from Southampton, on April 15th 1912, what percentage of both passengers and crew were lost, along with lives
       68% / 1,517        
       88% / 6,852        
       30% / 107        
11. Germany :
 Who Signed the Weimar Constitution ?
       Hubert Preuss        
       Friedrich Eber        
       Both , Preuss Drafted, Ebert Signed        
12. England :
 Pre World War I what was the House of Windsor known as and why did they change their name, also, who changed it ?
       Saxe-Coburg and Gotha / King George V / due to Anti-German Sentiment        
       Orange-Nassau / King William I / Disliked the name        
       House of Habsburg / King George VI / was pressured into it        
13. Japanese History :
 The Civil War period between 1868 and 1869 is known as what ?
       Hard Times        
       Boshin War / War of the year of the dragon        
       Clash of the Samuri        
14. England :
 In Tudor England, why did Henry VIII break away from the Catholic Church and which act did he use to do this ?
       He just disliked Catholicism and didn't use any act        
       He had issues with divorce and Acts Of Supremacy 1534        
       He wanted to marry more than one wife at a time and Acts of Supremacy 1534        
15. Japanese History :
 When is Japan's National Foundation Day ?
       11 April 200BC        
       27th January 670 BC        
       11th November 660 BC        
16. General History :
 Under what name is Florence Nightingale known as ?
       The Songbird        
       Lady With The Lamp        
17. General History :
 Which event sparked the outbreak of world war two, also the date, month and year.
       March 16th 1935/Stalingrad        
       August 21st 1938/Ukraine        
       1st September 1939/Poland        
18. Germany :
 During Nazi Germany, what was Kritstallnacht ? (Night of Broken Glass)
       An attack of jews by SA Parliamentary and Civillians        
       A time when everyone got together and broke glass to make ornaments        
       An Anti-Jewish March through Austia        
19. France :
 During what year was the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre ?
       23rd May 1562        
       23rd August 1572        
       23rd April 1552        
20. France :
 The Battle of Waterloo is present day what ?
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