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In school we are now learning about this so that is why i made this
Antartica is one of the coolest (literally) continents in the world! In this quiz, you will test your knowledge!
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1. Question 1::
 What is Antarctica's climate?
       Hot and Sunny        
       Cold and Snowy/Rainy        
       Cold and Dry        
2. Question 2:
 What do scientists study in Antarctica?
       Ice Caves        
       All Of The Above        
3. Question 3:
 1,000,000 Years Ago, scientists claim that Antarctica was tropical. Is this true? Why?
       Yes, before the ice age        
       No, it was always cold        
       Yes, because it was closer to the equator        
       No, because its not near any other place        
4. Question 4:
 What are the 3 most important -ests (biggEST, smallEST, widEST etc.) about Antarctica?
       Windiest,Coldest,Largest Continent        
       Smallest Continent,Hottest,Dryest        
       Windiest,Coldest,3rd Largest        
       Windiest,Coldest,5th Largest        
5. Question 5:
 How do scientists get medical help in Antarctica?
       Call for help        
       Make a device        
       Use walkie talkie        
       All of the above        
       None of the above        
       Go to somebody elses station        
6. Question 6:
 Who lives in Antarctica?
       People and Animals        
       Animals and People (only temporary)        
7. Question 7:
 Is Antarctica a tundra?
8. Question 8:
 What is the highest wind ever recorded in Antarctica and where?
       90 MPH, Rocky        
       100 MPH, Rocky        
       150 MPH, Ice Sheet        
       200 MPH, Ice Sheet        
9. Question 9:
 Where is Antarctica located?
       North Pole        
       South Pole        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
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