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Answer questions to see how shark smart you really are.
This quiz will ask you trivial questions about sharks. I hope that you will enjoy it. And if you have questions or concerns please give me feedback so I can make the quiz better.
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1. Difficulty: medium:
 Which of the following sets of animals are sharks closely related to?
       Sting Rays, carp and gars        
       Barracudas, piranhas and sword fish        
       Skates, chimera fish and sting rays        
       Blue fish, tunas and sturgeons        
       Sting rays, barracudas and skates        
       Star fish, toadfish and vampire fish        
       Monkfish, octopi and devil fish        
2. Difficulty: easy:
 What is the smallest species of shark?
       Glyphis shark        
       Mako shark        
       Carribean reef shark        
       Dwarf lantern shark        
       Cookie cutter shark        
       Sand tiger shark        
       Port Jackson shark        
3. Difficulty: medium:
 What happens to a shark when it is turned upside down?
       It will enter a trance like state        
       It will become highly aggressive        
       It will immediately die        
       It will keep swimming as if nothing had happened        
       It will flip itself upright again        
       It will throw up        
       It will thrash around wildly        
4. Difficulty: hard:
 What organs allow sharks to sense minute electrical fields made by all living organisms?
       Dermal denticles        
       Electrical receptors        
       Ampullae of lorenzini        
5. Difficulty: easy:
 What is a shark's skeleton made of?
       Carbon Fiber        
       Sharks do not have skeletons        
6. Difficulty: medium:
 What is the fastest species of shark?
       Blue shark        
       Sixgill shark        
       Shortfin mako shark        
       Bull shark        
       Nurse shark        
       Great white shark        
       Silvertip shark        
7. Difficulty: Easy:
 What is the largest shark living?
       Bull Shark        
       Greenland Sleeper Shark        
       Tiger Shark        
       Great Hammerhead Shark        
       Whale Shark        
       Megamouth Shark        
       Basking Shark        
8. Difficulty: Easy:
 What is the skin of a shark made up of?
       Dermal Denticles        
9. Difficulty: Medium:
 Which of these sharks uses suction to vacuum in its prey?
       Tiger Shark        
       Nurse Shark        
       Bonnet head Shark        
       Sandtiger Shark        
       Port Jackson Shark        
       Leopard Shark        
       Blind Shark        
10. Difficulty: Medium:
 How many estimated species of sharks are there?
       100 or fewer        
       between 101 and 150        
       between 151 and 200        
       between 201 and 250        
       between 251 and 300        
       between 301 and 350        
       351 or more        
11. Difficulty: easy:
 Which of the following are you more likely to die from than a shark attack?
       Being struck by lightning?        
       Being hit on the head by a coconut?        
       Falling off of a toilet?        
       Being bitten by a snake?        
       Or all of the above?        
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