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Test your knowledge of your favorite PlayStation characters as part of the Battle Royale.
Brace yourself for the challenge ahead. How much do you know about your favorite PlayStation characters, like Kratos, Parappa, Heihachi and Kat and Dusty? Take this quiz to find out where you stand!
1. Question 3:
 Crash Bandicoot once had a failed cartoon pitch, of which only the opening theme and an ending clip can be seen. Which famous voice actor allegedly sang the theme?
       Tara Strong        
       Frank Welker        
       Mel Blanc        
       Jim Cummings        
2. Question 2:
 Which of the following is not a quote from the Polygon Man PlayStation promo campaign?
       "Power is an illusion. Absolute power is a seamless illusion."        
       "I am here to kick ass and take names."        
       "I consider this a role-playing game. Today, you'll be playing the part of the pinata."        
       "Can you survive the mind-melting intensity?"        
3. Question 8:
 In 2018's God of War, Kratos's son in the game is later revealed to be a reincarnation of which Norse god?
4. Question 10:
 What is the game of the unlockable mini game crossover with Metal Gear Solid in Ape Escape 3?
       Mesal Gear Solid        
       Bananas of the Patriots        
       A Pair of Snakes        
       Metal Gear Ukki        
5. Question 5:
 True or false? In Bioshock Infinite, Booker's prize in a raffle was getting the first throw of a baseball at a restrained bisexual couple.
6. Question 4:
 Which of the following names does not belong to a protagonist in the English version of the Ape Escape series?
7. Question 6:
 Kat's voice actor, Sanae Kobayashi, also voiced which of the following characters?
       Popo and Nana, in the Smash Bros. series        
       Lucy, in Elfen Lied        
       Allen Walker, in D. Gray Man        
       Chris Thorndyke, in Sonic X        
       All of the above        
8. Question 7:
 True or false? In recent years, a BIOS corruption of the Playstation startup logo has been given the fan nickname "Fearful Harmony".
9. Question 1:
 When did the original PlayStation model first debut for public observation?
       Consumer Electronics Con 1990        
       E3 1994        
       Tokyo Game Show 1989        
10. Question 9:
 Which pair of characters was planned as DLC for the game before it ended up getting cancelled?
       Crash and Spyro        
       Lara Croft and Joel/Ellie        
       Dart and Abe        
       Delsin and Athena        
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