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An Adventure Time quiz full of jokes, references, and memories.
I present the ultimate Adventure Time Quiz! Do you think you know the show? We shall see! Good luck, and remember: if you cheated, you probably didn't know it was wrong.
1. Now I'm Confused...:
 What gender is BMO? (not the voice actress that plays BMO)
       It varies among episodes        
2. Finn's History:
 Put the events in order
       Boom Boom Mountain, Joshua's Passing, Finn dances in the mirror, The Dungeon.        
       Finn dances in the mirror, The Dungeon, Joshua's passing, Boom Boom Mountain.        
       Boom Boom Mountain, Finn dances in the mirror, Joshua's passing, The Dungeon.        
       Joshua's passing, Boom Boom Mountain, the Dungeon, Finn dances in the mirror.        
3. Try to remember!:
 What's Ice King's first name?
       Trick question, we don't know!        
4. An Inside Joke?:
 In Simon and Marcy, what event or item makes reference to something outside of Adventure Time?
       The ambulance        
       The doll        
       Simon's scat music        
       The television song        
5. A different point of view:
 What is a significant difference between Fi's experience with Gumball and Fi's experience with Marshall Lee?
       There's a fight        
       There's a party        
       Fionna's respect for Gumball        
       LSP makes an appearance in one, but not the other.        
6. Card Wars:
 Who was the dweeb and who was the cool guy?
       Dweeb: Finn. Cool Guy: Jake..        
       Dweeb: Jake. Cool Guy: Finn.        
       Dweeb: Jake. Cool Guy: The Pig.        
       Dweeb: Finn and Jake. Cool Guy: Jake.        
7. The Princesses:
 Find the list that doesn't include the name of a princess
       Cookie, Turtle, Slime        
       Beautiful, Ghost, Bubblegum        
       Breakfast, Flame, Lumpy Space        
       Hot Dog, Ragdoll, Doctor        
8. She endures so much...:
 Which did NOT happen to Princess Bubblegum?
       She got a haircut        
       She helps raise Lady's babies        
       She becomes a child again        
       She kisses Finn        
9. A Great Dad:
 Why, according to Jake, does he think the kids can handle themselves?
       They're smarter than him        
       They aged quickly        
       All his stuff was at the treehouse        
       He had faith in Lady Rainicorn        
10. I can't do the spots...:
 Sparkles on the house?
       Let's follow 'em        
       Let's call 'em Little Dudes        
       Let's party with 'em        
       Let's squish 'em        
       Let's poot on 'em        
       Let's hide from 'em and act like a new guy called Davey        
       I'm Davey :3        
11. The wowiness has only just begun!:
 Who does Fionna love?
       Marshall Lee        
       Flame Prince        
       Prince Gumball        
       Ice King        
12. This question is unacceptaBLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!:
 Pick the word that best describes Lemongrab
       He's nuts        
       He's cruel        
       He's senile        
       He's Lemongrab        
13. True, False, or Unknown?:
 Flame Princess is evil
14. There's a connection!:
 What character's voice from another cartoon doesn't make a special appearance?
15. The Vampire Queen:
 Of the following, who is Marceline's strongest conflict?
       Ice King        
       Her Father        
16. Paranormal Stuff:
 This'll be a long list...Who didn't have an amazing ability or fighting strategy?
       King Worm        
       The Donut Witch        
       Party Pat        
       The Ghosts in Marceline's gang        
17. Throw and catching disc!:
 In the tree...
       Some of the tree        
       Part of the tree        
       Out of the tree        
       Under the tree        
18. True, False, or Unknown?:
 Cinnamon Bun tastes the sandwich
19. She's a good little girl:
 Where are Cake and Fionna?
       The Ice King's journals        
       The Ice King's imagination        
       All of the above        
       None of the above        
20. Are you paying attention?:
 Who created BMO's favorite song?
       J. T. Dog        
       The credits' musicians        
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