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1. Artistics:
 How is Lauren Faust Connected to MLP:FiM
       She Developed it for television        
       She designed the characters and their personalities        
       She was the head storyboarder, writer, and artist for season 1, and oversaw season 2, leaving soon after.        
       all of the above.        
       none of the above        
       all of the above, and she has a secret historia book.        
       none of the above, she isn't important.        
2. Vocalistics:
 Who Voice's Twilight Sparkle
       Tara Strong        
       Ashleigh Ball        
       Andrea Libman        
       Tabitha St. Germain        
       Cathy Weseluck        
       Nicole Oliver        
3. Vocalistics:
 Which Two Characters Are Voiced by the same actor
       Applejack and Rainbow Dash        
       Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy        
       Princess Luna & Rarity        
       Trick Question: Each pair is voiced by a different actor.        
       Trick Question: Each has a specific voice actor        
       Trick Question: The Matchups are wrong        
       Trick Question?        
4. Know The Show:
 In What episode is "the most popular unfunny joke" Scootaloo is a Chicken, made?
       Call of the Cutie        
       Bridle Gossip        
       The Cutie Mark Chronicles        
       Look Before You Sleep        
       Stare Master        
5. Know The Show:
 Which Episode features a Direct *stealth* shout out to The Big Lebowski
       Secret of My Excess        
       Putting Your Hoof Down        
       Games Ponies Play        
       Three's a Crowd        
       The Cutie Pox        
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