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If you went to the Sonic world, which one of the older Sonic males as your father?
Have Fun.
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1. Question 1:
 Where do you live?
       We travel a lot        
       A castle        
       by a rock        
       It's a secret        
2. Question 2:
 You wanna go to a party, what does your dad says?
       He'd want to know what type of party is it, what time you'd be back, and if he agrees, promise to come back if something bad happens        
       He doesn't care what I do, as long as I don't bug him        
       He doesn't know what party it is, and he doesn't care, it's a no.        
       No, we already know the answer. If I go, he'll find out, and then I'm doomed        
3. Question 3:
 If you did something good, how does your dad show he's proud of you?
       A hug, and then he'll take me out for ice cream. I might even get that new game I wanted.        
       He'd pat me on the head, tells me all the bad things about it(and make some up) but when he think's I'm not around brag about me to all his 'friends' for at least a week        
       He'd tell you, and he might( depending on how proud) may let me slack off my duties for today        
       He nod and smile, and then surprise me with my favorite dinner and dessert        
4. Question 4:
 You had a nightmare, and not one of those measly ones either. What does your dad do?
       Hugs me, and promises to always protect me, and stays in the room till I go to sleep        
       He calls me a wimp for waking him up before the sun, but sleeps with you with the excuse that he's too lazy to go to his bed        
       Lets me stay up with him while he works, till I fall asleep        
       He doesn't say anything except 'go back to sleep', but he hums and rubs my back till I go back to sleep        
5. Question 5:
 You are being bullied, what does you dad do?
       Takes legal action, but says something to them that you didn't hear, that makes them leave you alone.        
       he calls you weak for not beating them black and blue, but the next day, you see said bullies in the hospital        
       show the bullies what he can do to a rock, and tells them that the next time he finds out about this, the rock will be them        
       three words-hold. him. down. No one messes with his baby and lives.        
6. Question 6:
 Today is the day father and child spend time together, what do you two do?
       Have the ultimate fun day        
       Spend time together? Um... I think he was there when I was born... He's not the sappy type        
       Have picnic near the rock        
       Lets me drag him to whatever decent place I want. If he does't want me to go there, he lifts me in one arm and carries me away from it        
7. Question 7:
 You in so much trouble, what happens?
       He's very upset. He yells and scolds, gives the guilt trip, then grounds me        
       I'm so dead. I might as well dig my own grave        
       He will make me work till I'm so tired I can't move        
       My hide will pay dearly        
8. Question 8:
 Can you break curfew?
       Better have a good excuse        
       That depends on how long. 30 min, he doesn't care, after the 30 min mark though, I had better be home cause if he has to go out looking for me, I'm doomed        
       I'm not even allowed to leave most of the time, what do you think?        
       No. If my daddy's baby breaks curfew, daddy will personally make his little one very sorry for being even 5 minutes late        
9. Question 9:
 How does you dad treat you?
       Like a kid who's growing up.I know that he gives me a fair amount of freedom, but there's just some things I can't do yet, like the sound barrier without suppervision        
       Sometimes like a servant, sometimes like an adult who should know everything, and sometimes like a little kid who can't do anything        
       He has a lot of high expectations for me, and that gets frustrating, but when he does get it, I'm a princess        
       He treats me like a little kid! I can't do anything!        
10. Question 10:
 Do you know your if your dad loves you?
       Of course, he tells me all the time        
       I... Do not know, I hope so        
       I think he does, but sometimes I wonder if he loves his work more than me        
       Of course, I mean, he doesn't say it. But I know it by his actions        
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