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by riyan
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This book contains a kind of quiz which will increase your creativity a lot.
1.One day my friend asks me a question. The question that he asked was "which things goes up but never comes down?" I was astonished but soon I got the answer. So, you friends help me to find the answer. What is the answer?
2.A man once did a crime but didn't rejected to accept the crime. Soon he was arrested. After a few time, the dead body and the man both were lost. The police man were searching to find the man. While searching in his house, the police man found a piece of paper. There was written that"nam nad eht daed ydob si a eil emirc" What was written on the paper which stopped the police for the case?
Answer:Man and the dead body is a lie crime.
1. Bangladesh:
 What is the currency of the Bangladesh?
       New pence        
2. Tallest buildings:
 Which one of the following is the tallest tower in the whole world?
       The Zamzam tower of Bangladesh        
       The Eiffel tower of the Paris        
       The Electicic tower of the India        
       The Network tower of the America        
       The towers of the ancient Greeks        
       The tower of the windmills in France        
       The tower situated at the Great Walls of China        
3. Wars of the Bangladesh:
 Which of the following wars continued for nine months?
       The War of Pallasey        
       The First world war        
       The second world war        
       The liberation war of 1971        
       The Wars of the Great Alexander        
       The wars of USA and France        
       none of the above        
4. Bangladesh:
 Where is the Bangladesh situated?
       In asia        
       In africa        
       In america        
       In the southern part of asia        
       In the northern part of asia        
       In the eastern part of asia        
       In the western part of america        
5. Rivers:
 Which river has no fishes in it?
       The Mississipi river        
       The Nile river        
       The Snake river        
       The Tigris river        
       The Euphrates river        
       The Padma river        
       none of the above        
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