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I'm interested to see what you remember from reading my writings.
This quiz has been set up, because I am curious to know how well you remember what it is you've read from my poetry. Most of what I write is on really important topics, ones that more and more people must be aware of. I really would like to see major good change begin to happen this year.

Knowledge is power! It's so important to educate yourselves. It's important to know what's going on, in order to help you stay true to yourselves

NOTE: There are a few questions I decided to add in that I haven't wrote about, under category "Interesting Info for You to Know". It's just a bit more for you to look up for yourself, if you want. I've looked into a lot so far, and I haven't even poetized it all yet, lol.
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1. Interesting Info for You to Know:
 True or false: There is a phone application for teachers to use in public schools, to record the behaviors of students.
2. Interesting Info for You to Know:
 What is Alex Jones' (of InfoWars) real name? It's a fact that he is a disinformation agent, pretending to be a passionate patriot and investigator of conspiracy theories.
       Mark Thompson        
       Harold Johnson        
       Bill Hicks        
       Ken Robinson        
3. Technology:
 What is the name of the global company that makes the RFID smart cards?
       Zebra Technologies        
4. Interesting Info for You to Know:
 What is the research arm of Planned Parenthood called?
       Andrew Carnegie Foundation        
       Crick Institute        
       Alan Guttmacher Institute        
5. Government Agencies:
 What isn't mentioned in "We Are the FDA"?
       RFID microchip implants        
       Big Pharma        
6. Nature:
 What kind of oak tree is the tree in the picture next to my poem, "Oak Tree Speaks"?
       English Oak        
       Angel Oak        
       Black Oak        
       Willow Oak        
7. Money and Banking:
 Who signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913?
       Woodrow Wilson        
       Frederick Banting        
       Andrew Jackson        
       George Gershwin        
8. Education:
 True or False? Bill Gates was one of the "head architects" who put together the Common Core curriculum in public schools.
9. United Nations:
 What is the central topic in the poem "UNESCO!"?
       Common Core        
       Agenda 21        
       the Earth Constitution        
10. Politicians:
 Fill in the blank! "Yeah he participates in _______________.... D-O-N... A-L-D... T, R, U, M, P..."
       enthic group scapegoatery        
       bashing press viciously        
       preparing for bankruptcy        
       poop-throwing chimpery        
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