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a quick history quiz
this quiz is to see who really knows their history
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1. history:
 The Canadian Captain Arthur 'Roy' Brown is credited with bringing which man down?
       the red baron        
       the Red Knight        
       the red devil        
2. history:
 what was the name for henry the eights personal bottom wiper
       groom of the stool        
       remover of the waste        
       duke of dumps        
3. history:
 Dissolving much of the feudalism in France was a night sitting of the National Assembly, on which date in 1789?
       july 4th        
       june 14th        
       August 4th        
4. history:
 who is the longest reigning monarch
       elizaberth 2nd        
       gerorge 3rd        
5. history:
 what killed admiral nelson
       a french sniper        
       lack of food        
6. history:
 which us president was assassinated at fords theatre
       William McKinley        
       James A. Garfield        
       Abraham Lincoln        
7. history:
 who were the most loyal soldiers in ancient times
8. history:
 what battle of the ww1 reach's its hundred year anniversary this year
       the battle of the somme        
       The Battle of Verdun        
       The Battle of Cambrai        
9. history:
 what was primary weapon for the Viking
10. history:
 who was the last pharaoh of Egypt
       Cleopatra V        
       Cleopatra VI        
       Cleopatra VII        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
          and you've already taken it once.
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