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this is a quiz to determine how much you like diapers
find out if you are really a diaper lover, or if someone needs to force you into diapers.
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1. diapers:
 if you had to wear/do wear a bedwetting diaper, what brand would it be/is it?
       goodnites disposable diapers girls        
       goodnites disposable diapers boys        
       goodnites disposable inserts        
2. diapers:
 second question, if you had to/could fit into a baby diaper, which brand would it be/do you use?
       pampers cruisers        
       pampers swaddlers        
       pampers baby dry        
       huggies little movers        
       huggies little snugglers        
3. diapers:
 third question, if you had to/do wear training pants, which would it be?
       pampers easy ups boys        
       huggies pull-ups boys        
       pampers easy ups girls        
       huggies pull-ups girls        
4. diapers:
 first question, what style of diaper do you wear?
       training pant        
       adult pullup        
       adult tab-style        
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