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If you have been reading my Hanmin Stories, this Quiz should be a snap!
Ah, yes. Hanmin, the awesome ship I support. This Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the Hanmin Stories!
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1. Hannah's Relationships:
 Why is Hannah attracted to Armin?
       Because he is honest and caring!        
       Because Kanrik betrayed her!        
2. Hannah's Relationships:
 Who is Hannah attracted to?
       Armin the Bori        
       Kanrik the Gelert        
       Champion Vegeta        
3. Hannah's Decisions:
 What has Hannah done to one of her former classmates' yacht?
       She stole it!        
       She repossessed it!        
       She just looked at it with Armin to admire it!        
       She drew on it!        
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/quiz/item_id/2159025-Hanmin-Quiz