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Poem quiz . Okey now closed as going to count right answers, announce winners soon.
(Remember each plus+ number prefixed line describes a different animal. Try naming each different animal in the riddle. I've done these types of riddles on other sites and poets have enjoyed doing them. So do try solving and after sufficient answer attempts by different poets I'll announce the 1st 3 winners along with my answers. Ok try it.)

1+This one hooks and hangs itself in fine prehensile style
2+ Another paves the path with sticky glue slime
3+ There goes a velvety mossy branch that is mobile!
4+Ah, watch out for that log-like predator's guile in the Nile
Complete with a sly smile to beguile

5+Nocturnal eyeballs move on baby face in the bush, oh my!
6+Another a bird with the name of a flying toy in the sky.

7+This one's tongue shoots out like a soft shooting arrow
8+Another a winged biped one standing upright like a human fellow.

9+This one has the largest ears
10+This one a little crown he wears

11+Another a living teddybear who gives its baby a piggy back ride.
12+And a young one who in its mommy's 'hide' pocket does hide

13+Hardened boned house moving upon four limbs of wheels
14+And another who changes clothes as it sheds and peels.

15+Another who shakes its tail like a human baby's toy
16+For safety in numbers this one has a caravan convoy
Mention 3 animals who this method of travel employ.

Guess guess guess

So 19 different animals are hidden in this riddle.
   *Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
             so remember, you can only take it one time.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2168834