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Can you tell what is true and false in the story? Best of luck!
Figure out who and what isn't real in "We Ain't Stealin' We're Just Takin' Back" for GPs!

The story is here:


   *Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
             so remember, you can only take it one time.

1. Colin's Caper:
 What did Colin really do... or not do!
       Colin never rode the back of a passenger train.        
       Colin did not have a fire going in his shop stove.        
       During a fight, Colin did not hit someone with a 2x4.        
       Colin was not sent away to a camp for a summer.        
       Someone other than Colin worked the bolt cutters.        
       Colin did not buy a tow hook in Olney.        
       Colin did not drink.        
2. The Bigger Plot::
 Which one of these major elements of the story is false?
       Colin and Dallas jumped on the back of a train and were seen by rail workers.        
       Colin and Dallas confronted an armed man in Yale's shop.        
       An underground hideout had been built by others.        
       Mickey was from the old group that had laid out the scheme.        
       The group robbed trains.        
       Mickey led the crew to a boxcar of fireworks.        
       Tommy demanded money and made them leave the city.        
3. A Bit About Bot:
 So, let's see what you believe about Bot!
       A person named Bot didn't exist.        
       Bot was not Deke's sister.        
       Bot did not tell Colin about the hideout.        
       Bot never left the neighborhood.        
       Colin and Bot never had relations.        
       Brutal never met Bot.        
4. Just To Be Technical::
 Which of these must be false?
       Rail stations were closed at the time the story occurs.        
       Jumping from a train at 35 mph would likely kill you.        
       A box set at 10' below ground does stays at 50 degrees.        
       The tensile strength of a rope can open a boxcar door.        
       Train speed is determined by daylight.        
       Fireworks can be shipped to NYC.        
5. The Characters::
 Which character(s) from the story is not a real person?
       The Phils        
6. Little Things::
 Here are some smaller parts of the story, but one is not true!
       Some adjoining parishes in Philadelphia used to fight.        
       Colin and Dallas had to pass the Phils to get to Yale's shop.        
       The three boys all attended a magnet school.        
       Mickey had been hit with a metal milk crate in a fight.        
       "Deke" was injured by a broken clothesline.        
       The Vault had heat and light.        
       Colin and Dallas had both worked at Tommy's restaurant.        
7. Oddly Specific::
 Can you spot the fiction?
       It was not that cool in June that year.        
       There are steps down to street level at Godfrey Ave.        
       Colin and Dallas used a backyard, not an empty lot, to get to the tracks.        
       Dallas didn't drink coffee.        
       The hideout was never called "The Vault."        
       The restaurant had no spiral staircase.        
       The whole crew were drinkers.        
How'd you do? Click below for your results:
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