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Test your knowledge of all things grape-y.
If you only have a glass or two of wine on special occasions then here's your chance to learn some fascinating facts about the humble grape.

If you're a wine connoisseur this quiz will test your knowledge, and who knows, maybe you'll discover a new favorite varietal.   *Sleepy*

On the other hand, the more you know about wine, the more you know you don't know. You know?
*Geek*  Come get lightly confuzzled with me.

This quiz allows multiple attemps
& different questions may be asked. YaY!

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1. Which glass:
 Champagne bottles are made from ... to resist the pressure created by carbonation.
       tempered glass        
       depression glass        
       laminated glass        
       thicker glass        
2. Holding a wine glass:
 The correct way of holding a wine glass is by the stem, because...
       This way your hand won't raise the temperatue of the wine.        
       It's just traditional.        
       Leaving finger prints on the glass is unrefined.        
       It's a good way to weed out people who can't follow directions.        
3. Beaujolais:
 Is Beaujolais a geographic region or a type of grape?
4. Wine Jello:
 Is there such a thing as wine Jello?
       Yes, and it's delicious!        
       No, of course not!        
       Maybe - I'll need to research it.        
       Yes, but it's illegal to make wine Jello.        
5. Icewine:
 Which country is by far the largest producer of icewine?
6. Madeira:
 Where is Madeira wine made?
       In Madeira Spain.        
       On the Portuguese Madeira Islands.        
       On Madeira Island off Italy.        
       Somewhere else.        
7. Varietal:
 What does wine varietal mean?
       Wine made from an assortment of fruits.        
       Wine made fron an assortment of grapes.        
       Wine made from a specific wine grape.        
       The variety of probiotic the wine produces.        
8. Sangria:
 Sangria is a Spanish wine cocktail. Which of these is not a typical Sangria ingredient?
       Red wine.        
       Extra virgin olive oil.        
9. Vintage:
 Vintage wine is ...
       Made only from the same grape varietal.        
       Older than 10 years.        
       Made only from grapes harvested in the same year.        
       Older than 15 years.        
10. Terroir:
 What does "terroir" mean?
       Refers to a special terrace for wine tasting.        
       Refers to a particular region & the local growing conditions there.        
       Refers to wine terriers which start whining when grapes are ripe for picking.        
       Refers to the black soil in which wine grapes grow best.        
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