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Test your knowledge of all things grape-y.
If you only have a glass or two of wine on special occasions then here's your chance to learn some fascinating facts about the humble grape.

If you're a wine connoisseur this quiz will test your knowledge, and who knows, maybe you'll discover a new favorite varietal.   *Sleepy*

On the other hand, the more you know about wine, the more you know you don't know. You know?
*Geek*  Come get lightly confuzzled with me.

This quiz allows multiple attemps
& different questions may be asked. YaY!

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1. Wine names:
 How do wines get their names?
       Generally named after the vintners first born.        
       Alphabetically, the same way hurricanes are named.        
       Randomly - as long as it sounds European.        
       From the region the grapes were grown, or from the variety of grape.        
2. Icewine:
 Which country is by far the largest producer of icewine?
3. Terroir:
 What does "terroir" mean?
       Refers to a special terrace for wine tasting.        
       Refers to a particular region & the local growing conditions there.        
       Refers to wine terriers which start whining when grapes are ripe for picking.        
       Refers to the black soil in which wine grapes grow best.        
4. Sommelier:
 A sommelier is someone who...
       Is usually on staff at an expensive restaurant.        
       Is a wine expert.        
       Advises guests on a choice of wines.        
       Has extensive knowledge about wine and food pairings.        
       All of the above.        
5. Dandelion wine:
 Which part of a dandelion is used to make wine?
       The roots.        
       The leaves.        
       The flowers.        
       Trick question! No such thing as dandelion wine.        
6. True or False:
 Icewine is a dessert wine made from grapes frozen on the vine.
7. Chianti:
 Is Chianti a variety of grape or a geographical region?
8. Vermouth:
 What makes vermouth different from other wines?
       It's made solely from green grapes.        
       It's fortified and flavored with herbs.        
       It's fortified with gin.        
       It's used solely for medicinal purposes.        
9. Sangria:
 Sangria is a Spanish wine cocktail. Which of these is not a typical Sangria ingredient?
       Red wine.        
       Extra virgin olive oil.        
10. True or False:
 A fining agent like egg or fish bladder is used in many wines to soften astringency from tannins and remove sediment.
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